Staying Hydrated and 4 Easy Ways to Do It

Whether it’s confidence in your tap water, a container with character, a sip with sparkle, or light exotic boost you seek, we’ve rounded up a few hydration helpers to satiate your systems. Additionally, I’ve interviewed some nutrition and physical therapy experts for their advice, to follow shortly in this two-part series.

Photo courtesy of Genessa Panainte Photo courtesy of Genessa Panainte

Inform your quench

While your municipality (required to test and report on water quality) – can be one layer of confidence in your drinking water, how sure are you of water that pipes through your building? According to recent Water Quality Association market research, “under-sink, mounted point-of-use (POU) device usage” has increased in recent years, but “drinking water pitchers remain the most popular filtration systems purchased.”

If you don’t have one yet, you’re in luck, because one of the 6- to 23-cup pitchers and dispensers offered by ZeroWater is sure to fit in your kitchen. They come with five-layer filters are certified to reduce lead, mercury and chromium, and make sure yours comes with one of their magic wands – a digital meter that tests for total dissolved solids (TDS).

You can purchase ZeroWater products online and in many stores such as Best Buy and The Home Depot. For more information go to – and be sure to recycle filter cartridges in exchange for coupon codes.  #ecofootprint

Spread the love: Find out how you can participate in ZeroWater’s matching donation efforts for the Flint, MI community #grateful #cleanwaterLearn how you can participate in matching donation efforts for the Flint, MI community on ZeroWater’s website #grateful #cleanwater

So cute you‘ll want to name it

HydraPak has oodles of well-designed flexible water containers, but their Stash™ bottle is the one most likely to guarantee smiles. When empty, it collapses down to a disc you can hold in your palm or conveniently stash. But while it slouches to empty? – That’s when its personality – or yours – shines through. You may just find yourself talking to it.

The Stash one-liter capacity comes in blue or lime, with a small loop handle that circles the neck, wide mouth (63 mm), screw top, and can be frozen or filled with warm water up to 140°F (a/k/a a drinkable warm temperature).

Find Stash bottles at stores like Paragon Sports, Tents and Trails and online.

The collapse masters at Hydrapak are no slouches when it comes to lightweight and compactThe collapse masters at HydraPak are no slouches when it comes to lightweight and compact.

Get all sciencey with your H2O

‘Tis the season to host a feast or throw a party! If that sounds like your household – or office! – you may want to add The Fizzi™ to your festive arsenal.

To use this new sparkling water maker from SodaStream, simply attach the CO2 cylinder, snap the bottle of water into place, press the giant button – pause to count the one-two-three mini-plosions – and you’re ready to serve.

Mix in a dash of juice, or one of their many flavor options for even more flair.

Due to acidic levels of soda water, in their potential for dental erosion, experts suggest adding a habit of drinking soda water at mealtimes, and rinsing your mouth with regular water soon after sparkling.

A SodaStream survey of Americans found “More Sparkles = More Sipping”: their users “consume 43 percent more water” than non-users.  Some people just prefer the unique taste and sensation of soda water over plain. A soda water maker like Fizzi could easily become their hydration countertop essential. Getting our H2O via soda water has been so noted as a sparkling benefit.

The same survey found “people who use home carbonation makers consume less full sugar beverages, such as sodas, juices and energy drinks, than those households without one.” Plus, according to the company’s sustainability numbers, these households are eliminating a significant number of single-use plastic bottles or cans – “an average of 550 plastic bottles a year.”

The Fizzi has a countertop footprint of about 5-1/4 x 7-1/4″ and is 16-1/2″ tall. Find Fizzi models online or around the city at stores including Bed Bath & Beyond, and Williams-Sonoma. For more information go to and be sure to exchange your empty cylinders for full (you only pay for gas) at similar locations.

The Fizzi’s carbon dioxide cylinders produce up to 60 liters of bubbly water The Fizzi’s carbon dioxide cylinders produce up to 60 liters of bubbly water.

Be on-trend in the plant water category

The fair trade advocates at Steaz have braved the spiny nopales and its prickly pear fruit to provide us with three new fruit waters.

Their Cactus Waters come in three green tea blends: original, cucumber or starfruit – and all evoke the taste of aguas frescas. So whether it’s the light tropical taste of original, or tart kiss of starfruit you prefer, prepare to be transported to Mexico.

Find Steaz drinks by flavor to purchase locally in stores like Whole Foods, Fairway Market, Duane Reade and Costco. To find your flavor and more information on their Cactus Waters go to

Steaz Cactus Waters contain organic ingredients from Kenya, Paraguay, Argentina, Mexico, and China. Steaz Cactus Waters contain organic ingredients from Kenya, Paraguay, Argentina, Mexico, and China.

Thirsty yet? How about for more hydration knowledge? To hear hydration talk from some of the experts, please stay tuned for part two in honor of hydration!

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