Stress Free is the Way to Be

Stress is no stranger to modern Americans. With job cuts occurring everyday and health and family issues helter-skelter, stress seems to be a mainstay in our lives. However, with proper techniques and an optimistic mindset, stress can easily transform into positive energy. We recently sat down with psychologist, achievement coach and author of Positive Directions, Dr. John Ryder to aide us in achieving the best person we can be.

Beauty News NYC: During these stressful economic times, what’s the best way to achieve balance in our life?
John Ryder: You must prioritize things that are important and you are sure to accomplish first, then the others that may be urgent but less important. Keep things in perspective – know what you can drop off (your) to-do-list and don’t confuse what is important with what is urgent. Important things should always come first.

BN: What’s the best way to tap into the subconscious to create the results we want in life?
JR: Reflections is the key. When you stop the racing thoughts and go inwardly, you can re-focus on the bigger perspective or more intuitive goals that matter to us the most. This requires patience and practice. The subconscious information we have available to us is unlimited yet we must learn to carefully reveal it to the conscious mind.

Achievement is based on a clear vision of your intended goals combined with the experience and/or skills about how to reach them. Wishing for it, like promoted in “The Secret” is just the first half of what needs to be done.

BN: How important is it to remove limited (thinking) decisions (from) in our lives?
JR: There is no such thing as certainty in your life; however, you can always find it inside yourself. Confidence or believing in yourself is the ideal antidote to the doubts that limit our lives. Doubts will limit what you do in life.

BN: So what’s the best way to release anger within ourselves?
JR: The best way to deal with anger is to avoid it in the first place. The solution is practice letting go, that peaceful sense of not caring about the negative events in your life.

BN: What about hypnotherapy and meditation? What are your thoughts on those stress relievers?
JR: Those people who practice some form of meditation, hypnosis, or relaxing visualization are learning how to let go of the troubles and find peace of mind. These exercises are all very similar forms of trance that “space” you find inside the mind to rest and recharge. We all need to practice one of these techniques in order get rid of the negative energy and stress so that we can return to balance and harmony.

BN: Finally, what are your thoughts on goal setting?
JR: There are many steps to setting goals for yourself. The most important steps are 1) to visualize your goals very clearly. 2) Develop a plan how to reach them. 3) Harness the motivation and energy you need to achieve your goals 4) Link your deepest intent to take action on reaching your goals. 5) Monitor your progress to be certain you are constantly approaching your target.

For more info on Dr. John Ryder, go to his website at

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