Strut Your Stuff With “Model Trainer” NIC B

If the thought of working out to the latest fashion runway tunes appeals to you, then NIC B BODY personal trainers are definitely the way to go. Begun by ex-model, Nic Bezuska, this personal training company’s focus is on pulling in clients known for their catwalk strut. “Modeling agencies are such a niche group of people who need trainers and nutritionists – and we want to make that available in an atmosphere that knows and understands what they’re goals are.” says NIC B head personal trainer, Lindsay Robertson.

(Creator of NIC B BODY, Nic Bezuska)

Although not part of the model elite, I am definitely part of the ‘want to look like a model’ bunch, and thus I decided to give NIC B a whirl. During the 60-minute session, Lindsay led me through a mix of exercises including, swinging lunges, incline pushups, and jumping jacks with weights. The soreness in my glutes, thighs, and shoulders was proof enough that NIC B trainers know what they’re doing.

One unique part of NIC B trainers is that they really value the nutritional aspect of staying in shape. “Nutrition is 90% of weight loss – you can work out for an hour or 2 a day, but you’re eating the rest of the time! We try to push the idea of keeping it simple when it comes to food. Get lean proteins, good carbs, and avoid the extras.” In his push for nutrition, owner Nic Bezuska has even created his very own protein powder that touts more natural ingredients than the powders on the shelves of GNC right now. With 25 grams of protein, no sugar, 100 calories per scoop, and flavors ranging from cookies n’ cream to cupcake batter, this powder may be the healthiest way to satisfy your sugar cravings!

With the personal attention (Lindsay has admitted to often text messaging her clients daily to make sure they’re eating according to the plan!), nutrition tips, and trainers dedicated to getting you to your goals, NIC B is a great choice for anyone looking to get in shape. Although Lindsay admits the majority of the clientele are people in the fashion industry, ranging from designers and photographers to models, you don’t have to be a model to workout with these down to earth trainers. “Industry people and models may be our niche,” says Lindsay, “but we are still dedicated to providing anyone that comes to us with the best possible training. I want all my clients to succeed and look gorgeous in their new slim and healthy bodies!”

Check out for more info or e-mail Lindsay directly to schedule a session at

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