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Everyone needs a little support now and then. That’s why we have friends. And Family. And, well, undergarments. We also want to look great at the gym and work our legs any chance we get. Check out these fashionable fitness finds, recommended by the staff of Beauty News.

A good bra is the foundation for every outfit. For you to be the star, you’ll need a well-fit brasierre in the ‘supporting role’. However, when it comes to sports bras (especially for the bustier babe), sexy, ergonomic, shape-enhancing designs that aren’t hideous difficult to find.


Title 9’s Frog Bra continuously gets the highest rating from “real people testers” who wear a size DD or greater. The bra is for those who want little to no bounce and a LOT of support from ONE bra (the days of wearing two bras to the gym can now be eliminated) Warning! This is definitely a flattener of bra – and is even advertised as a ‘major mashing bra’ – which would be ideal during strenuous fast-paced cardio sessions and plyometrics.

Check out for more information and styles.


If you are full breasted, try Champion’s T-Back Active Shape Bra available at This bra has a molded cup and doesn’t mash your babies down. One of BN’s Editor’s and avid exercisers swears that the Active T-Back Shape Bra gives her “sexy cleavage and full support without the dreaded uni-boob look.” She recommends this bra for women C-D+.


For those of us with a little less on the top, but still looking for light support, Nike’s Cardio Combat Long Sport Top is well tops!!!! With its fun embroidery, bright color, and tight sexy fit – this bra may just get the attention of that gorgeous spinning instructor you’ve been eyeing while you should be exercising. Meow.


Support is important during your workout – but lets be honest – what you wear on top of your of the foundation can make you feel both fashionable and athletic! Stella McCartney’s latest Spring/Summer collection is not only trendy, but also technologically advanced. For tight ensembles, a fabric called ClimaLite is used, which pulls heat and sweat away from the body to keep your outfit dry and your body cool. For avid runners who want to keep a step ahead of those in shorts and tees, check out McCartney’s PowerWeb Tee and Tights – well made, performance based and fashionable…. These pieces are sure to make you feel fabulous as you work towards your fitness goals.


Another kind of British invasion also has fitness fiends talking…and walking their way to toned legs and glutes, the highly publicized FitFlops.

It’s hard to imagine how a flip-flop could generate so much buzz, but FitFlops are definitely the new ‘must-have’ product on the market. FitFlop claims to have a built in “micro wobble board,” which activates leg muscles and helps to tone thighs, calves and glutes by slightly destabilizing your feet while walking. While a pair of sandals alone won’t get you into mini-skirt shape, it’s certainly possible that, with a good workout program and diet, FitFlops won’t hurt the effort! BN’s editors are wearing them all around town… just in case they really are the miracle shoe…but we advise you not to give up the tried and true trio of squats, lunges, and dead-lifts for the real results!

Log on to to reserve your very own pair and decide for yourself!

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