The Ice Cube Diet: The New Hunger Suppressant

It seems like almost everyday a new diet comes out claiming to be the one that will help you finally shed those extra pounds. If you’re like most, you’ll get into it for a few weeks, see some results and then life gets in the way and it falls off your radar. The newest “cube” on the block is the Ice Cube Diet, claiming that its little ice cubes will curb your appetite, stop cravings and get your mind off food for good.

This diet is based on Hoodia Gordonii, a medicinal desert plant that was apparently eaten by ancient African tribes to suppress hunger and maintain energy during long hunting trips. The hunters shaved the skin of the plant and consumed it fresh. Desert Labs, a company that prides itself on combining nature and high-tech innovation, researched Hoodia for over 10 years and found that the plant also thrives in the Southern Deserts of Israel as the climate is almost identical to the Kalahari (South African) Desert. This unique growth method and production process ensures that the Hoodia is extracted from fresh plants and it is not heated or dried, all of which maintain the effectiveness of the active ingredient.

The cubes are made with freshly harvested Hoodia that is crushed, frozen and shipped immediately to preserve the potency and effectiveness of the P57 chemical known to boost metabolism and curb the appetite. The way it works is that the P57 glycoside in the Hoodia, which is 10,000 more active than blood sugar, and like blood sugar, it signals to the brain that the body feels full and satisfied. The diet is easy to use: you can suck on the ice cubes like a hard candy, or you can dip them into a glass of water, for once this is a very easy and portable diet.

The advantage of serving the Hoodia in frozen ice cubes is that you don’t destroy the structure of the plant. Some companies sell the Hoodia in a pill form, however dried pills lose their potency because of the heating during the manufacturing process. Most Hoodia pills range between 250 mg and 1000 mg of active ingredients. The active component present in freshly frozen Hoodia ice cubes is 200% more concentrated. There is a whole, fresh Hoodia or 3000 mg of raw plant in each ice cube, making them as potent as the Hoodia the Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert enjoyed (without the ice and the delicious lime taste added to it).

Desert Labs conducted an independent study in which 111 women who wanted to lose weight participated for 40 days and 8% lost significant weight, 70% said they would definitely purchase the product right now, 37% reported that it helped them eat less at meals. Most also said that they would recommend the diet to their friends. Some nutritionists are enthusiastic about the diet while others express caution because it is not yet FDA approved.

I am the type of person who snacks all day to keep hunger at bay and because I find it comforting and calming. What I have noticed after using the Ice Cube Diet is a great sense of well-being, clarity and calmness. The Ice Cube tastes just like a frozen margarita (without the sugar), seems to soothe my desire to reach for unneeded snacks by keeping my stomach quiet. I am amazed how I can now have a box of my favorite cookies in the kitchen and not eat the whole thing in one sitting. I also like the fact that the Hoodia is delivered as a raw plant rather than a pill as you never know what hidden additives go into a pill. I am happy to report that I have lost a bit of stomach fat, my constant problem area seeing that I’m a mother of two. I’d recommend this diet to anyone who wants to eliminate unhealthy snacking, or especially that extra eating that comes with the holidays and parties. Of course as with all supplements and diets, we recommend checking with your physician before starting this or any other new routine.

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