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Can Our Fave Four Sex in the City Characters Get Healthy?

In her debut book, Eat, Drink, and Be Gorgeous, Esther Blum took some inspirational cues from the Sex in the City BFFs. So what better way to celebrate the upcoming movie than to review four of our favorite female characters eating and exercising habits? Like us, they aren’t perfect…


Eating: Her smoking bod requires clean eating for optimal performance. Samantha’s diet involves plenty of organic fruits and veggies and she’s not beneath doing shots of wheatgrass to improve her bouquet and her boyfriend’s funky tasting spunk. Samantha skips the coffee on a daily basis and eats plenty of lean proteins. Some of her ‘vices’, cosmos, martinis and champagne.

Supplements: Plenty of omega-3s to help her skin glow, as well as primrose oil to keep her lubed up and moisturized from the inside out.

Exercise: Can we just say ‘sexercise’ and call it a day? Samantha is into yoga, pilates, kickboxing, and any other sport where she can take the instructor home.


Eating: Carrie is a free spirit when it comes to eating. Despite maintaining a ballerina-thin body, Carrie has quite a sweet tooth and loves junk foods like cupcakes, McDonald’s, and pizza. She also loves fruit as a snack because it’s naturally sweet. Carrie would rather eat small portions of foods she loves than deal with counting calories; that’s just not her style.

Supplements: Carrie is BOTH a drinker and a smoker. She needs to compensate for this with plenty of nutritional support. She is also a night owl and tends towards insomnia, so she would benefit from taking trace minerals like calcium and magnesium before bed to quiet her nervous system. During the day Carrie should take antioxidants like vitamin C and a high-potency multivitamin. (Now, good luck trying to get her to take them!)

Exercise: Carrie’s form of exercise involves searching garment racks and running for cabs.


Eating: Charlotte would start the day with seasonal fruit and egg whites, then a salad for lunch, and chicken with vegetables for dinner. Spoiler Alert! Charlotte is said to be eating for 2 in the movie, which means we’ll probably see her spooning down calcium rich yogurt parfaits during brunch. She needs to remember, however, to keep away from the pate and unpasteurised cheeses during her charity luncheons – the Vitamin A in these foods cause a risk of transmitting infections diseases to her unborn child!

Supplements: For a pregnant Charlotte, vitamins are going to be a must. A 400-microgram folic acid supplement is crucial to develop her baby’s nervous system. Also an Iron supplement is an absolute must for supplying optimal nutrition to the little bundle of joy – and tea time needs to be cut down for little Ms. Charlotte York, as it interferes with the body’s absorption of iron

Exercise: You’ll find her hitting the prenatal yoga classes with her doting husband in tow.

Eating: Miranda often battles her weight and with the stress in her life she tends to binge on cake, cookies, and refined carbs. She is also a coffee whore, which is not surprising considering her long hours at work. Miranda would do best adding in protein at each meal to stabilize her blood sugar and keep her energy up throughout the day while curbing any potential irritability.

Supplements: Because of the hectic pace of Miranda’s life, speed and simplicity are key elements to her success. She should take all of her vitamins in the morning to ensure consistency. Inositol, trace minerals, and ashwaganda will help Miranda deal with her stress and stay calm, cool, and collected throughout the day.

Exercise: Talk about born to run! Marathon training, spinning, and kickboxing will burn off her aggression, but Miranda would also benefit from yoga to get in touch with her inner zen.

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