Turbo Fire Yourself Up!


I have a new fitness idol! Her name is Chalene Johnson and she’s the supportive, friendly, unbelievably fit creator and host of TurboFire, a new workout program designed to push you to your physical limits and have you love every minute of it.

Turbo Fire is designed as a 12-week weight loss, health-building plan. Included with the DVDs is a book introducing Chalene, an explanation of the program, a rubber “sculpting band” for use in some of the classes, a nutrition guide (with terrific recipes in it … seriously, try the crock pot chili!), a class schedule (choose your own mix of workouts for the week) and a guide to her “5-day Inferno Plan.” The Inferno Plan, tagged “Get Hot for the Weekend,” provides a tough but sensible diet and exercise plan that takes real commitment to follow.

I’m a big believer in making every second count during a workout. Why spend time and energy if there’s no real payoff on the scale or when it’s tape measure time? No matter which workout I chose (there are 10 DVDs to choose from, each a different length and combination of classes), I was sweating and fired up within the first couple of minutes. The music is awesome, custom-mixed to each routine so that it gives an extra kick to every move. There are two main types of workouts: High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Fire. HIIT consists of intense 30-60 second “fire drills” packed with boxing and aerobic moves.

The literature claims that HIIT is nine times more effective than traditional cardio and it definitely feels that way! The Fire classes are less intense, but no less sweat inducing. Just decide whether you’re in the mood for bursts of full-on insanity or more traditional steady-state cardio aerobic workout and go for it.

Chalene is so persuasive and natural; she’ll stick with you beyond your workouts. One night I got home late from work, tired and grumpy. The last thing I wanted to do was work out. Every time I told myself it was OK to blow it off, she would magically appear in my head and insist that I wasn’t tired at all and really wanted to get up and fuel my fire. Eventually, I believed her! I got up, did the HIIT 20 class with a 10-minute stretch session afterward (so relaxing, a perfect way to end the workout session) and felt great about myself. Exercise should be something you do for yourself, not to yourself, and Chalene and her crew make it much easier to remember that while you’re sweating like crazy!

Turbo Fire is the most intense cardio-conditioning program I’ve ever tried. It’s also the most fun, inspiring and rewarding one. If you’re like me and want to incorporate cardio workouts into your life but need maximum payoff in minimal time, trust Chalene Johnson’s Turbo Fire Workout. It’s perfect for us!

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