Turboslim Chronoactiv: The NEW French Diet


The saying goes “French Women Don’t Get Fat,” and there has been a lot of speculation about what it is in the French diet or lifestyle that allows women to remain thinner than their American counterparts. Well, there is a new diet in France that French women have embraced called Turboslim Chronoactiv. It has revolutionized the way French women go about staying thin and its popularity has made it the number one slimming brand in France. Even in France, women need to adapt to the times to keep in shape the French way.

Turboslim Chronoactiv by Forté Pharma Laboratories is a dieting aid that offers a new way to think about losing weight. It does not promise miracles like many crash diets but proposes an approach based on recent discoveries about chronobiology. There is a daytime formula and a nighttime formula to respond to the different biorhythms of the body and its own abilities to lose weight naturally. The Day Tablet helps to naturally burn calories and eliminate toxins: Ash leaf reduces water retention, Guaranan Seed, Mate Tea and Cola Nut burn calories and Zinc and Chromium reduce snack cravings. The Night Tablet slows down fat storage during sleep with Phaseolus (a white bean extract).

Turboslim Chronoactiv is a revolutionary product because it is based on a new understanding of what causes weight gain. This is not a diet intended for seriously overweight women who are trying to lose huge amounts of weight but for active women who aim to lose between 5 and 10 pounds and are more concerned with keeping their weight under control, says Dr. Yann Rougier, a doctor in nutrition and neurobiology and the inventor of Turboslim. Dr. Rougier blames the alteration of the molecular and biogenetic structure of food in the last fifty years for the surge in weight gain in western populations. Food quality has become poor and too refined with less nutrients and a greater capacity for food to be converted into fat by the body.

According to Dr. Rougier, rather than count calories it is more important to consider the actual metabolic force of food today, and measure the degree to which food turns into fat storage. Dr. Rougier divides food into 3 different groups: Foods that you can eat plenty of because they have low storage strength are said to be of the Green Zone (green vegetables, white meat, oily fish for instance); food that you should eat in moderation because they have medium storage strength are of the Orange Zone (barley, pears, whole cereals for instance) and food that you should avoid are of the Red Zone (like pasta carbonata, mangos, chocolate).

The time when one consumes certain foods also matters. For instance, it is not forbidden to eat chocolate but you should never eat it after 5 pm because after this time it is more likely to be converted into fat storage rather than metabolized into energy. Your body rhythms alternate throughout the day and night and must be respected. You should eat more at lunch and less at dinner and understand how to balance ingredients in a meal because the chemistry between food groups also influences their metabolism and their lipid conversion factor. If you eat something from the forbidden group it is OK as long as you balance that food with something from the Green Zone to reduce its high fat storage strength.

The second important point in Dr. Rougier’s research involves the role of the brain in the process of digestion. When we eat, Serotonin and Dopamine are metabolized and this has a direct effect on our feeling of satiety and well-being. If you eat irresponsibly without respecting biorhythms and balancing the food groups you irritate the pancreas and alter the relationship of the neurotransmitters with digestion.

I have really enjoyed taking Turboslim for this reason as it seems to trigger my metabolism to digest food faster and it helps to curb my impulses to snack. It keeps my body with a feeling of satiety throughout the day. Satiety and well-being are essential for weight control in the long run because it is what keeps us from breaking our discipline and seeking comfort in food. Turboslim Chronoactiv is based on natural ingredients, an important fact for me. I would never take a diet aid with anything synthetic in it. After taking it for one month I have lost 4 pounds, nothing dramatic by all means but I am not looking to lose more than 6 to 8 pounds. Besides helping you monitor your weight and reprograming your body’s natural biorhythms, Turboslim has nice side effects: Bioslica (a combination of bamboo and rice extracts) helps to firm skin while you sleep and Argan oil, Selenium, Manganese, and Vitamins A & E hydrate the skin and promote cell regeneration.

Turboslim is easy to incorporate into a healthy lifestyle. I take one tablet in the morning before breakfast and another in the evening before dinner with a glass of water. For optimal results, you should use Turboslim for two months consecutively. Good eating is a discipline that should be learned like acquiring a skill. Digestion is a form of intelligence which needs to be appreciated and Turboslim Chronoactiv helps you in making the most of our body’s natural weight loss abilities. For maximum effectiveness, users can combine Turboslim Chronoactive with free weight loss tools and tips found on http://www.myweightmonitoring.com. It helps you monitor your weight, keep on target and make it more fun.

Turboslim Chronoactiv is available at Rite Aid Pharmacies in NYC.

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Michelle Marsden

Hi There, I did write a letter to you over 1 month ago now, telling you of my experience of taking Turbosilm. I am reasonably fit and healthy with a healthy diet but have slowly over the past 3-4 years put on about 1 1/2 to 2 stone and want to shift the weight. I started taking the tablets and within a few days I began to feel strange, I was light headed and a bit dizzy and very breathless, so I decided to stop taking them. I don’t take any other medications for them to react with and wondered… Read more »

Christopher Szaz

Thank you for writing to us Michelle, and we’re sorry you had an adverse reaction to TurboSlim.

Since people have varying reactions to everything from green tea to skin care products, you should avoid the product and contact the company to let them know what you’ve experienced.


How fast can u loose ur weight on this pills ? It’s 90 cup in the box and should I take it one more when this one will fin?

Christopher Szaz


I would recommend contacting Forte Phrama (http://uk.fortepharma.com/contact) to obtain information on a correct dosage amount,


Do you know if in USA or Puerto Rico have this product?? All I can see is in Europe

Christopher Szaz

Hello Maria,

You can purchase it at CVS.

Lynsey Andrew

Re: Michelle Marsden’s response

I’m about 3 weeks in to the programme and it has helped me to change my eating habits but I too am experiencing light-headedness, breathing issues and a dizzy feeling along with some nausea. Is this normal and does it go away?


hi, where can I buy turboslim in nyc? I cant find it in the pharmacy

Christopher Szaz

You can purchaase it on Amazon.com.


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