We’re Bringing Raw Foods Back Series Part 2 –
The Health and Beauty Benefits of Raw Food


In last month’s issue of BN, I reviewed Pure Juice and Take Away – one of the city’s most popular raw food eateries. After indulging in the creative concoctions Pure Juice had to offer, I became increasingly intrigued by the raw food lifestyle. From my own personal research all I knew was that the raw lifestyle consisted primarily of fruits, vegetables, and nuts cooked below 115 degrees. Lucky for me (and the readers of BN) – I was able to pick the brain of well-noted raw foodist Dhrumil Purohit, the editor-in-chief of the widely popular raw food site www.welikeitraw.com, to find out just what is so great about this “dare to be different” lifestyle.


BN: Dhrumil, on a personal level, what made you start eating 100% raw?
DP: I’ve been raw for seven years. My journey began when I randomly met a forty-year-old gentleman who looked 28 and had been eating raw for a few years.

BN: Is raw food just a fad or do you think it’s here to stay?
DP: Fad diets are about weight loss first and foremost. Raw Food is about holistic living that just happens to help people lose or gain weight if they need to. Fad diets are also pitched to people looking for a quick fix. Although raw food does give fast results, it is a long-term approach that encompasses an entire lifestyle.

BN: The Raw food lifestyle prides itself on unearthing physical beauty – clearer skin, fewer wrinkles, healthy hair to name a few – raw foodists call it ‘the glow’ – what is it about raw foods that gives people this glow?

DP: Vibrant skin, radiant hair, and an overall glow are all a result of feeding the body exactly what it needs. When our body is fully mineralized, alkalized and filled with oxygen, it naturally runs in top shape because it has everything it needs. Raw Foods, like Goji Berries, have extremely high levels of antioxidants that prevent free radical cell damage and greens like kale and spinach give our skin that wonderful glow because they are so rich in minerals. You just can’t get these minerals eating highly processed water deficient foods like pasta, fries or even steamed vegetables.


BN: Do you believe that simply incorporating more raw foods and perhaps not going the full 100% raw – is beneficial for the body?
DP: No single way of eating works for everyone. So naturally, 100% raw isn’t for everyone. But the more raw food you include in your diet the better! The truth is, once you start eating more raw food you’ll naturally get hooked because you’ll feel so great.

BN: How do I get the protein I need to refuel my body after a workout?
DP: Spirulina, Kale, Hemp Seeds, and Brazil Nuts are just some of the many great raw protein foods that have a high amount of digestible protein. If you’re a body builder, check out SunFood’s Raw Protein Powder.


BN: Is there a right and a wrong way to go raw?
DP: What I’d suggest to your readers is that they don’t go 100% raw overnight. They should take their time and ease into things. Give their body time to adjust.

BN: Define the Raw Food Lifestyle in 7 words or less.
DP: How about 4 words? “We’re bringing sexy back!”


There you have it – Raw Food FAQs from a bona fide expert! On a more personal note, as I am slowly weaning into the raw lifestyle I’ve noticed all the positive effects that are mentioned by Dhrumil and other expert raw foodists. Compliments on my skin are abundant and I feel naturally light, healthy, and energetic. My body is spending less time processing food and I can feel this extra energy in my everyday experiences. That being said, I still indulge in uber-decadent City Bakery cookies and Max Brenner Waffle Sundaes from time to time – but since 75% of the time I eat fresh produce or nuts, the great effects of going raw are still palpably apparent. I urge BN readers to give the lifestyle a try, or even simply add more raw foods into your diet. By adjusting your first two meals to fruits in the morning and exciting concoctions of veggies for lunch, you will truly see a difference. Feel free to e-mail me, with your thoughts and experiences! Live well.

For more information on the Raw Food Lifestyle – check out www.welikeitraw.com

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