Why IV shots are the Celeb Secret to Energy & Good Health

Feeling run down after the holidays, or in need of a little extra something to face the winter weather? Consider boosting your energy level with intravenous vitamin therapy. Though previously only used by athletes and celebrities, this quick fix is now available to the general public.  If you need to restore your vitamin levels, bolster your immune system, or refuel your body, you may enjoy one of the IV infusions or intravenous therapies offered by Dr. Daniel Ahoubim in the convenience of your home or office.

I tried an IV infusion with a Slim Boost Booster Shot – an infusion of liquid vitamins and nutrients sent directly to my bloodstream through a vein on my forearm. This is what happened: the nurse inserted the IV into my arm and I was to remain still for 30 minutes until the full bag emptied into my vein. I felt very relaxed during the procedure and there was absolutely no pain in the process.Though I didn’t feel any change after the shot, the boost of energy was there, since I had trouble sleeping a few hours later and hardly felt tired the next day. The first time I truly felt different was at the gym, when I noticed that performing extra sets of pushups and weight lifting didn’t result in the usual pain and exhaustion. During the following days, a recurring ear infection that I had noticed for months after swimming finally disappeared.

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No doubt my immune system benefited from the boost and IV infusion, since it fought off the ear infection once and for all and restored my balance. As I’m an avid swimmer, subject to many infections and colds in the winter, I feel this IV infusion is something worthwhile in order to boost my body’s ability to ward off disease and remain strong in the winter. The infusions feed your body with the basic vitamin compounds and nutrients that you may not be getting in your food or oral vitamins, and keep you at your optimal level. This is what many celebrities do on a regular basis to enable them to be in full form on and off stage.

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Dr. Daniel Ahoubim, Board Certified Neurologist, Aesthetic Medicine Specialist and Founder of Refined Aesthetics, will give you a complimentary one-on-one consultation as part of any treatment, as well as a tailored plan on how to achieve best results. For added comfort, a medical assistant accompanies Dr. Ahoubim to all his appointments. The effect of IV infusions lasts several weeks and the price includes at-home service, starting at $274. Health is wealth! For more information about other IV infusions and boosts delivered at your house or office, consult http://www.refined-aesthetics.com.

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