Workout Journal: Kinespirit and The Reebok Sports Club/NY



We’ve all heard of spinning, yoga, and pilates, but how many of us have ever heard of Gyrotonics? My adamant attempt to get out of my boring gym routine and try something different quickly led me to the Kinespirit Gyrotonics Studio. Upon arriving at the studio, I immediately felt a calming sensation. Candles and soft spoken instructors created a relaxing vibe. Jennifer, the Gyrotonic Master Trainer, was very helpful in explaining the concept behind the session, and gave me a quick lesson. Gyrotonics is taught on a weight and pulley machine. The workout consists of flowing movements that focus on lengthening the spine and toning the entire body.

Lessons are usually private, with an instructor giving you full attention on how to move into the positions – however there are group classes available as well. One thing I noticed was that there are only 4 Gyrotonic machines in the studio – which make the atmosphere very pleasant for the ‘me-time’ all of us need after a long day. Often times at the gym or even in a yoga class, it is difficult to feel calm and at peace simply because there are so many other people around. With Gyrotonics, you are capable of reaching a zen state of mind.

When I tried working out on the machine, I almost felt as if I was giving myself a long, much needed massage. The trainer mentioned that Gyrotonics incorporates various principles from yoga, pilates, tai chi, dance, and swimming. All this in a 55 minute class? Definitely a good way to stir up your humdrum winter gym routine! For class schedules and more information on this trendy new workout go to

To be a member of the Reebok Sports Club/NY would feel like you’re getting VIP gym treatment each time you work out. The six-storey, 140,000 square foot gym at Columbus Circle is the second largest in New York (the largest is the Upper East Side Sports Club LA gym) and boasts of a rock-climbing wall, basketball courts, a pool, several floors of fitness equipment and a first rate spa. Also in the works is a complete Mind/Body Center that will be devoted to yoga classes and mind/body enhancement. This is scheduled to open in June 2007.


My initial reaction to the gym was that it was bigger than Montana, but as I received the tour of each floor, I could tell that the fitness equipment, trainers and expertise at the center were among the best in the country, and that privacy and elbow room were placed at a premium here. There is state of the art equipment including Body Masters and Life Fitness machines, and every fitness trainer is completely certified and degreed in exercise science so they know their facts as well as NASA scientists know theirs.


Onsite also is a FitLab, which provides regular health assessments (including body fat composition analysis) free of charge to members. There is a wealth of classes to choose from, and if they are anything like the spinning class I took, they should be well worth the membership fee alone. Also available are rooftop tennis courts and an outdoor track. The initiation fee ranges in the realm of $1,500 and monthly dues from $150 upward. If you’re on route to a business meeting or a date, a visit to the Paul Labrecque salon will quickly put your coiffure at its best. Members receive a special rate. Visit for more information.

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