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Whether you’re sick of hearing about the economy, stressed about the economy, or haven’t noticed a change in the economy (lucky!), saving money is always important. If you’re anything like me, running outside gets boring fast and a change of pace and exercise is necessary to calm that workout A.D.D. That’s why I asked 3-time Olympic team member and personal trainer, Mike Gostigian, to give BN a list of his top 5 favorite outdoor exercises that are guaranteed to have us breaking a sweat, without breaking the bank. Check them out below!

Jump Rope 8 reps of 20 seconds each
Greatest cardio training anyone can do. Use a good rope made of plastic; jump on soft surfaces like grass, wood, or a rubber floor (never on concrete) and jump only an inch off the ground. If you have trouble with the coordination involved with jumping rope, simply put both handles in one hand and spin the rope around and jump.

Stair Climb
If you work or live in a tall building, make an effort to take the stairs. Vary going up one stair or two stairs at a time. Vary walking or jogging. Repeat 1-3 times.

Your-Age in Push-Ups
Perform your age in push-ups everyday. Obviously the older you are the harder this will be to accomplish. If the original push-up is too tough, try “incline” push-ups – do the push-up with your hands on a table, counter-top, or wall and your feet on the floor.

Park Bench Step-Ups & Push-Ups
Perform step-ups on a park bench (2 sets of 15 repetitions); followed by push-ups. You can vary your push-up style depending on your ability. Either have with your hands on the bench seat and feet on the ground, or for a more challenging workout, place your feet on the bench and hands on the ground.

When you find yourself in a place where you can’t walk or run, simply skip-in-place for 20 seconds – repeat for 8 sets. Skipping is a great intense cardio workout that’s sure to get your heart rate up fast!

Mike Gostigian, a 3-time Olympic team member and World Cup Champion, is a fitness consultant and certified strength and conditioning specialist in New York City. He has developed numerous training programs for marathoners, triathletes, and expedition members headed to Africa and the Himalayas.

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