Sweet Dreams: How To Get A Better Night’s Rest


To sleep: perchance to…feel & look better!

I have trouble sleeping, and it seems to worsen during the summer months. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, 50 to 70 million Americans have some sort of sleep disorder — a full 20% of the population. That’s a lot of tossing, turning and puffy eyes. Popping sleeping pills is not an option, so I decided to venture out and find non-traditional and non-invasive products to help me relax, rest, and catch some zzzs. Here are several of my discoveries:

By keeping your head cool with the Polar Pillow the body goes into a relaxed state quickly. This is unlike any down-filled or memory foam product in the bedding market. First of all, it’s 12 pounds and the weight alone helps induce sleep. Inside is a cooling gel infused with micro-air-beads. The coolness helps you fall asleep and I didn’t have to do anything to make it work — no refrigeration, electricity or batteries.

The pillow re-energizes itself within a few minutes of exposure to room temperature. I think the Polar Pillow is a great product that helps you fall asleep faster, and it can also help relieve headaches, night sweats, fevers, and more. The expression ‘cooler heads prevail’ couldn’t be more true for those of us in need of a good night’s sleep. Discover more here: http://www.polar-pillow.com.

A friend who works in the healthcare industry told me that weighted blankets are used to help patients rest or sleep, and that was how I discovered Cozy Calm. This simple but effective invention assists in achieving therapeutic sleep and relaxation. It works. I believe that I fell into a deeper sleep the first night that I used this blanket.

Its shell is super-luxurious and to keep it clean, you simply machine wash dry. I’ve since learned that weighted blankets are used to reduce stress, fight insomnia and even calm children suffering from ADD, ADHD and anxiety. Currently Cozy Calm is available in stores located in the Midwest but you can read more about them and make a purchase online: http://www.CozyCalm.com.

Getting proper rest is a process. Some of us struggle with it on a nightly basis. You need to be comfortable, and loungewear plays a major part in winding down, remaining calm and achieving the desired relaxed state. I’m inspired by American inventiveness, and discovered the FreeBeneath line of bath and spa robes. Ken Brown suffered from bouts of insomnia for years before creating this line of loungewear out of necessity.

I have the Original Classic style made from their Relaxed Cotton Spa 100% cotton fabric, and it’s luxuriating, super-comfortable and very stylish (with an attached hoodie and arrowhead clasp). You’ll feel swaddled.

Aside from its comfort and style, it’s made in the U.S.A. and that’s equally important to me. FreeBeneath, based in Laguna Beach, is a little gem of American ingenuity, and they are dedicated to loungewear and relaxation. Their garments will have all of us California dreamin’.

Purchase yours online: http://www.FreeBeneath.com.

Sweet dreams!

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