A Pinteresting Look at Wedding Planning

The internet provides a smorgasbord of information. A few clicks of a mouse or taps on a screen can open up a whole world of new ideas and inspiration. But all of this browsing can lead to a whole lot of copying, pasting and file saving in an attempt to conserve materials we hope to refer to in the future. Fortunately, Pinterest.com, an online pinboard and social media forum, has put an end to our rampant “cyber hoarding” by simplifying the way we collect and categorize our virtual muses. The site allows users to pull images from the web and “pin” them to their Pinterest pages, tailoring the collection to their personal interests.

What seems like a simple concept has caught on like wildfire. According to a recent article posted by the social media blog Mashable.com, Pinterest is gaining popularity at record speed. The two-year-old site has received over sixteen million unique visits in the month of February, which is an 866% increase from September 2011.

So how does all this buzz benefit your big day? Pinterest is making it much easier and enjoyable for the bride-to-be to take on the daunting task of wedding planning. Creating a Pinterest account give you access to a world of profiles containing thousands of wedding boards that suit your particular taste. The bride on a budget can find a plethora of DIY decoration ideas. The fashionista can search through galleries of the latest in avant-garde dress designs heading down the aisle this season. And, if you’re looking for the perfect location for your beach wedding, surf the boards for images of ideal tropical destinations. All of this material can be repinned to your page for future reference. But what makes Pinterest even more convenient is the social format. It allows you to link your account to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, where you can find others in your social circle who have Pinterest accounts. This makes it simple to share what you’ve pinned and get valuable feedback from your friends.

The ability to filter material from all over the web to your own personal gallery without collecting a magazine or clipping a page is a major time, space and energy saver. So, if your interest is piqued and you’re ready to pin, here are some easy steps on how to get started:

Set Up an Account –
Gaining access to your own account on Pinterest is currently by invitation only. But if patience is not your strong suit, feel free to request an invite from a friend who is already a member. Once you’ve received your invite via email, follow the prompts to set up your profile. This process also includes installing the pin it button on to your browser, which creates the image thumbnails for you to pin to your profile.

Create Your Boards –
Based on the topics you select, Pinterest will suggest a bunch of users you can follow to help you get started. The real fun lies in building your own boards (Victorian-style cake decorations, spring floral arrangement, antique jewelry, turquoise sleeveless bridesmaid dresses, etc.) and sharing your style with others.

Start Pinning –
Now, go to your favorite wedding magazine pages, blogs, and photography sites, click on the pin it button you’ve added to your browser and select the images you’d like to pin. You can add a bit of information about the image and select exactly which board you’d like to add it to.

Get the App –
Download the Pinterest mobile app so you can take a quick pic and pin it on the fly.

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