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The readers have spoken! Last month we asked BeautyNews readers to share with us, which body part they loved just as it was ? the responsess were overflowing from confident women (and men) who wanted to share their pride in their sexy assets! Read on to see the top responses we received:

I really love my…

Triceps, because I have to work extra hard to tone and firm them. I inherited my beloved grandmother’s “flappers,” and although they will never look like Madonna’s, I am reminded of my grandma who was strong and loving, each and every time I work them out.” – Amber

Feetsince women always tell me I have nice feet “for a guy” because I get the occasional pedicure in the summer. I guess its by default as most guys have nasty feet. If one guy has so-so feet? that qualifies them as nice.” – John

My Upper Abs took me a long time to tone them, but it was well worth it, and I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished. Next month, my goal is to say the same thing about my lower abs!” -Liz

Entire body including my scars, discoloration, random hairs, ugly cuticles, dry heels, un-toned abs ? I love everythingg. I think its mostly just a testament to everything I’ve been through in my life. I may not remember all the pain, the falls, the dancing, the loving, but my body felt it and this is forever embedded in my cells. Unlike our minds, bodies have a better memory and tend not to let you forget things”. – Cheta

My Hands because they look strong and artistic. Its really my hands and my smile, the heart extenders of myself that I adore.” – Tammy

My Legs are the most toned part of my body and I strive to get the rest of my body to look as great.” – Shilpa

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