A Bit of Paris in New York City

As you walk into the new Lancome Boutique on the Upper West Side the first thing you may notice are the roses that cover the walls and the breezy curtains that float above your head, never mind the bounty of makeup, skincare, and fragrance placed like art on the shelves. Only the fourth boutique in the country for the French luxury beauty brand, inside are a makeup area, brow station, skincare room, and two spa rooms for all of your beauty needs.

I asked what their top selling products were at the boutique and found, as no surprise, eyes were ranked the highest.
Topping the list were of course mascara – Definicils and Hypnose to be exact. Definicils is perfect for people who want separated, natural looking lashes while Hypnose gives a more dramatic, volumized look. Both give a good amount of length and won’t clump on you.

Lancome’s BiFacil Makeup Remover came in next with its ability to get that mascara off! It’s a dual based formula that, when shaken, even removes waterproof makeup without a greasy feel. Most makeup artists I work with have this item in their kit.

Their Foundation Brush followed with its soft bristles that help give an even coverage to application. You can use it with your foundations or tinted moisturizers. I actually use it for regular moisturizers and masks as well – as it keeps your fingers clean.

Other items to check out at the boutique are in the fall collection from Gucci Westman. You know if Lancome is coming out with a new mascara it’s worth looking into and their latest creation, Fatale, lives up to expectations. The exciting part is the new Ampliform 3D Comb. It isn’t a brush, but instead has three sides of a literal comb in between which are wells where the mascara is deposited. For a more dramatic look you can continue to turn the comb so you’re getting a full "well" of the silicone based formula with every swipe. This particular mascara really does a great job coating the base of the lashes and separates them so there’s no clumping. Basically, it gives a really thick lashline and a bit of length. It’s beautiful!

The Artliner in Starshower is a creative option when you want something other than your basic black eyeliner. The color goes on as a soft black with tiny shimmering specks of gold running through it – nothing crazy or overdone – but perfect for evening! The foam tip is really easy to work with and allows for super skinny lines or a thicker look depending on how heavy your hand is. When you go to the boutique you should also have a session with Lancome’s Skin Diagnos Expert – a camera-type tool that allows your consultant to target areas you specifically should focus on with your skincare and treatments. You can track your progress as they keep your profile with up to date information. The esthetician that work in the spa can help speed up recovery with facials, glycolic peels, and microdermabrasion. They even have specific music and lighting for each session! So drop by the Lancome Boutique and feel the difference of not being in a bustling department store – it’s HUGE! Lancome’s Manhattan Boutique is located at 201 Columbus Avenue, 212.362.4858 http://www.Lancome-USA.com

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