A ‘Natural’ Quest from Burb to Borough
De Berardinis, New York


Adrian De Berardinis

It’s been a long time since I took a turn for natural when it comes to coloring my hair. That’s probably not the most common thing to hear from someone who changes her hair almost monthly. But I’m one of those few that can’t resist a risk. Whether it’s hurling myself out of a plane or putting black streaks in my hair (not the same caliber, I know), I jump at the chance to be daring.

All too quickly though, those constant color risks stacked up to equal a head of hair that was one thing: confused. It was time I took a step back from myself to evaluate how much I like having a healthy head of hair. I realized I more than liked it, I needed it. It was time to start a routine whereby my hair could stay healthy and still have regular color treatments. Seeking out a more sensible, yet beautiful and striking color process led me to a newly-opened salon, De Berardinis.

Front desk at De Berardinis in NYC

Owner Adrian De Berardinis, opened the salon in December, 2007, but the official launch was in March. Most of his experience with hair comes from working in the parent property, owned and run by his father, and international salon owner and stylist, Giancarlo De Berardinis. Giancarlo owns salons in Toronto and Milan but the flagship is in one of the Nutmeg state’s most prosperous towns, Greenwich. Though it’s only about 35 miles from Manhattan, not many New Yorkers would make the northward trek. Hence came Adrian’s desire to open a salon for patrons who need a city dose of De Berardinis.

“The Greenwich salon influenced the Manhattan location through its refined, sophisticated design,” said Adrian. “I wanted to take some of that without making it too intimidating to our guests. It still feels upscale and refined but has a sense of humor about it.”

A clean and elegant environment created by celebrity designer Celerie Kemble, makes the salon attractive and inviting to all its patrons. Kemble, owner of Kemble Interiors, described the look of the salon as a “100-watt smile,” in a recent issue of Vogue. Inspiration for Kemble’s design came from images of Monique Lhuillier’s L.A. showroom and Dolce & Gabbana’s Milan restaurant, GOLD among other images and visions.

As his father’s salon gained prestige for a very specific method – The Crochet Technique – the West 21st street spot is also making a name for itself via a hot new hair trend. Baci de Sole is a special treatment Adrian offers at his salon that provides women with an alternative to dramatic color changes. “The Baci de Sole technique is taking New York women by storm,” said Adrian. “This service provides a unique, signature color that is worn by the most envied women in fashion and entertainment like Sarah Jessica Parker and Giselle. It ‘sexies’ up a woman’s hair without having her go through a drastic change, and it takes half the time.”

The treatment is a new way of coloring that makes tradional highlights seem much more drastic in comparison. With this sort of color process, the hair is given a more “grown-out” look best described as “sun-kissed.”

Color station at the New York De Berardinis Salon

Unfortunately, my hair had too much color already to get a treatment as subtle as the Baci de Sole. Instead, my colorist chose to even-out the overall tone of my hair by adding more blonde highlights and blending them with the existing blonde I had. The result was something that was still drastic enough for my liking, but more professional and most importantly, more sustainable. Rather than having to keep up with a hair color that involved multiple colors and maintenance, my colorist gave me a look that could easily blend into my re-growth and still look dramatic enough for me. Overall, I felt like my experience at the salon was uplifting and reinforced the importance of maintaining my hair’s health, which I’ll continue to do from now on.

“I want every client that leaves our salon feeling special, pampered, loving every minute of the experience,” said Adrian. “Every client should feel like royalty. If I don’t hear laughter and see smiles around the salon while I am working, I feel we haven’t done our job.”

De Bernardinis
155 W 21st St.
New York, NY, 10011
T: 212.967.0927

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