A Swarm of Summer…OK, fine…Fall Tools: Part II
(Also known as it’s Fall, I can straighten again!)


It’s difficult to say it. The words don’t want to come out, but they must. Summer. Is. Over.

In September, it’s easy to hold on to summer since its last day technically isn’t until late in the month (contrary to popular opinion that it’s Labor Day). But once October hits, there’s no more denying it – we’re dead in the middle of fall. The bad news is that we can no longer justify a third trip to the salon in a season to “keep up those summer highlights” and get a futile blow-out that will last five seconds. The good news is we don’t have to take that third trip to the salon because our hair might actually start to behave.

Yes, with that fateful 21st day of September, summer came to a close and while we all were saddened to bid it farewell, there’s another feeling we women all shared: we all simultaneously breathed a sigh of relief that the lift of humidity might bring a lift of hair, and more importantly, a lift in our spirits about doing our hair. Any girl with the slightest wave, frizz or flyaway was haunted this summer by perhaps the worst hair of life. Now that fall is here, we can use some of the best tools without frustration when we’re looking to straighten our hair – or use a straightener for those gorgeous Olivia Palermo-style curls.

Here are some of the best straighteners for you to enjoy in the many fall weeks to come. Just remember to always pre-treat – winter will be here soon and you’ll be dealing with dryness that’s almost as painful as the humidity.

Since we can finally straighten our hair, walk outside, get to work and NOT see that our hair’s gone completely frizz-ified and curl central (a plus of the windy, cool air), we can consider a straighener splurge – like the SalonTech Silicone 450. Custom-designed and made in house at SalonTech, this super luxury, patented three-bar silicone technology iron heats up to 450 degrees in 17 seconds, no more, no less. And it’ll beep when it’s ready so you can run back to the bathroom from fixing your coffee – though at 17 seconds, you might as well stick around. (Available at high-end salons or http://www.salontech.com)

If you’re looking for a little more fun in your straightening process, you might want to go for a daring pattern made popular by a famous brand name, Ed Hardy. Sound familiar? Sure, the clothes are a bit garish, particularly for fall, but no one sees your hair tools other than you and maybe your adoring partner – so why not go all out? Especially since this super fun and adorably patterned iron is quality: it’s got free-floating, tourmaline plates, features a nine-foot cord with 360 degree swivel connection and comes with a handy thermal lined travel pouch. Just be aware that whoever you do share a home with might find it fun too and before you know it, your Ed Hardy Vintage Collage Styling Iron has been nicked. (Available at Ulta Stores and online)

Does the name Hot Tools ring a bell for you? It does for me – I think it was my first straightener. Or maybe that was a Revlon. But I digress. Hot Tools has a whole new look, and with its new one-inch NanoCeramic Flat Iron featuring pulse technology, it’s a brand that’s back on our radar. This sleek looking black iron creates a polished look, straight or curly, that lasts all day. It maintains a heat of 450 degrees and features a control dial with separate on/off switch, LED power indicator light, and a tangle free cord. (Available at beauty supply stores and http://www.hottools.com)

Gold is always in fashion, particularly when paired with the right blacks, tans, royal blues, or, in hair’s case, really any color. Hence the Prosilk Gold Flat Iron, which was designed with gold and black accents for an immediate attraction. The iron’s proprietary scratch resistant ionic plate technology disperses heat evenly and properly to eliminate hot spots which can damage hair. Ionic technology preserves shine, and an ergonomic design makes it easy for you to handle. Doing your hair is hard enough, you deserve a tool that feels good in your hand. (Available through select beauty distributors or online at http://www.prosilkprod.com)

Here’s to wind blowing in your hair – and keeping it safe from frizz.

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