Aquage: Ocean’s Flora In a Bottle
Holiday set for a sea-faring lady


I have a thing for ocean-inspired and derived products. Maybe my body knows that the ocean is a wealth of naturally balanced minerals and micronutrients and it instinctively reaches to those healing powers. Evolutionary fossil theories suggest that at one point we humans were at some point creatures of the ocean and parallels between the amniotic fluid in the womb and ocean water are a reminder that we must live in symbiosis with the ocean’s flora to help us reach optimum health.

As esoteric as that all may be, the truth is that for thousands of years, people on coastal areas used seaweeds and algae to make their hair lustrous and strong. How to bring these known healing and vital powers of the sea to your hair was the quest of the creators of Aquage Professional Haircare, Dennis Lubin and Luis Alvarez. After researching 25,000 different algae species which have absorbed nutrients and minerals from the sea for millennia, the creators of Aquage selected the eight most strengthening and moisturizing seaweeds and algae they could find, and blended them into the Algaeplex Sea Botanicals Complex, the rich formula at the root of Aquage, an excellent holiday consideration (especially given the brand’s cute gift sets) for those friends of yours who need some rejuvenating hair help. It’s also reminiscent of a seaside trip that perhaps you can’t quite swing this December, but at least your hair can.

While many natural hair care lines rely on cheap, standardized formulas (to which they add a tad of herbal ingredients to justify a “natural” label), Aquage’s basic formula is rich in authentic ocean-derived, organic compounds which are brought to their maximum potential by a special technology of extraction and diffusion. Seaweed harvested off the coast of Brazil, found to have an affinity for Keratin, Ascophyllum, Irish Moss, Dulse, Wakame and Neptune Kelp are the basic ingredients retained for their extraordinary moisturizing, strengthening and rejuvenating properties. The end result of using the product is healthy, supple and balanced hair that glides through your fingers.

The collection includes 40 hair care solutions to perfect your hair what ever its character: the Sea Extend Silkening Shampoo and the Silk Extend Silkening Conditioner worked wonders for my coarse and frizzy hair. The line also has a shampoo and conditioner for chemically-treated, brittle hair and for fine or lifeless hair. You will also love the Sea Extend Silkening Oil Treatment that guarantees frizz-free results and does not contain any of the yellow artificial dyes common in most oils; Beyond Shine, an ultra-light silicone polish that gives brilliant shine; Illuminating Gelade, a texturizing gel pomade infused with liquid crystal creates dramatic textural effects without adding weight; and a Fortifying Ultragel conditions with sea pearls for fragile hair.

At a recent Blue Sky Communications event for the product, I was invited across the room by stylist Shawna Parvin to test for myself the transformation that Aquage can have on hair. My hair is dry, frizzy, you get the idea, and apparently something about its troubled appearance called for an immediate Aquage treatment. Shawna divided my hair in sections and sprayed a little Beyond Body Thermal Spray, a heat-activated styling spray to protect the outer layer of hair with polymer and fortifying proteins. Then she used a flat hot iron and transformed my rigid strands into a light crown of glistening soft, smooth hair.

Stylists carrying the brand in their salons are educated to train the customer so that they can use the product efficiently and easily recreate looks at home. This is a great advantage to many of us who have no clue how to start once we are home with a load of products. Step-by-step styling and finishing techniques are available at, as well as lists of the salons that carry Aquage. Gift sets are also available for the holidays.

Mermaids everywhere: you now know what to do!

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