Beauty Insider With Kerry Malouf: Best Kept Secrets


Our monthly columnist Kerry Malouf says, “I am as passionate about skin as I am about makeup. As a makeup artist, my work is best when I have the opportunity to do makeup on flawless skin, which is equal to painting on a canvas. Super Models like Kate Moss have flawless skin and I’ll get so inspired while working with that kind of canvas.

After meeting skin care guru Vanessa Hernandez for the first time, I believed in her and I made a six- week commitment. I have followed her program and the results have been a flawless complexion. I am happy to share my newfound secret with my friends and readers. Before I get into it, I want to say that I loved the fact that I was able to continue to use my Arcona Products and only had to add two new products to my at home beauty regime. From my experience, if you follow Hernandez’s program, it will change your skin. I no longer have to wear my beloved tinted moisturizer, and my hands look at least five years younger. I highly recommend any girl/woman who’s looking to improve their skin to its best potential to take this opportunity.

Now, about Vanessa. She was taught by the very best. Dangene Bailey was a skin guru of her time. She had the tools to transform skin. Her talent led her to become so busy that she could no longer do it alone and this is when Vanessa organically became Dangene’s protégé. They became an unstoppable bicoastal duo, traveling to and from New York and LA on a weekly basis. These two skin experts worked on the most prominent clientele, yet discretion was essential to them. Making an appointment. was word- of-mouth only. Dangene taught Vanessa everything she knew. Vanessa now uses her techniques and tools that truly are considered one of LA’s Best Kept Beauty Secrets. Until now.

These treatments concentrate on the face but also focus on the whole body, head to toe, giving you solutions. Hernandez uses multiple treatments all rolled into one. Besides a full facial cleaning, she combines Micro Dermabrasion, Oxygen Therapy, Light Therapy, peels and Vitamin Infusion. Each person’s program is individual depending on their skin condition. She specializes in anti-aging, sun damage, malasma (brown spots,) acne or simply beautifying the skin.

Vanessa suggests one-hour treatments for six weeks in a row in order to achieve the optimal results. Once completed, you graduate to once-a-month maintenance program.

While the monthly Beauty Insider column is often a tutorial on how to recreate makeup looks, this month focuses on turning your skin into a beautiful canvas so that whatever makeup look you choose can be done on a flawless, even more beautiful canvas. It all starts there.

To schedule a consultation with Vanessa, she can be reached by email: [email protected] .


The two products that are essential, that everyone must have in addition to their skin care regimen are:

1. Reiki Natural Anti Aging Serum: Organic Hydrating, nourishing, oil used at night.
2. TNS Recovery Complex: FDA Approved growth factors known nouri-cel MD that stimulates collagen and elasticity as well as reverses sun damage used in the AM hours.

24 Karat Gold Leaf Treatment

This is a very special, pure and powerful anti-aging treatment, made from 100% real 14-karat gold.

The Gold Leaf treatment stimulates collagen and elasticity plumping up fine lines and wrinkles, as well as brightening your complexion. Gold is known to be one of the softest metals and is readily absorbed by the skin. It is a natural product, great for sensitive skin, as well as oily and dry skin. It accelerates cell renewal and will give your skin a radiant glow. One of the greatest benefits is instant gratification! It’s perfect for special events, such as weddings, parties or essentially anytime you want to look your very best. The 24 Karat Gold Leaf treatment gives you immediate results, making your skin look more supple youthful and beautiful.

I experienced this treatment as a gift for my birthday and my skin was glowing for the entire evening! It doesn’t get better than this. Once you try this treatment, it becomes a part of your beauty regime that is essential for every special event.

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