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Sometimes, form is as important as content. In the case of Ultraflesh’s Panthera mascara, which is a jet-black, lash-building mascara, the packaging is what reeled me in. The sleek, black tube is topped off with a panther’s head. You’ll want to whip this mascara out and touch up your lashes so everyone can get a gander at the sexy packaging. The brush is dual-purposed and has comb-like bristles to create definition and separation. This silkening mascara makes lashes black-as-night and I can’t get enough of the beautiful design.

I am absolutely hating the fact that pedicure and open-toe shoe season is officially over as November creeps in. I usually lacquer my toenails with dark shades while saving the neutral, clean and, well, “safe” shades for my fingernails, since lighter hues are better at masking chips, dings, knicks, etc. Chipped, dark manis scream “SLOPPY” to me, so I keep the dark colors relegated to my toes. However, I might be forced to switch my routine up and go dark on my nails thanks to NARS Vintage Nail Polish Collection. The cinematically inspired collection boasts five resurrected shades in the brand’s signature, long-lasting formula. The exhumation of these shades is for a limited time only, so gobble them up, stat. I am partial to the forest green of Zulu, which was initially launched in 1996 and named after a British war movie from 1964. Full Metal Jacket, born in 1998, is a stunning gunmetal grey named after Stanley Kubrick’s 1987-released Vietnam War film, is also be-you-tee-full! Only NARS can translate the sentiment of battle movies into something gorgeous.

Sante America Natural Cosmetics are making their domestic debut this Fall! The line is one of Europe’s greenest brands yet it hasn’t impacted America…till now. Sante America is both a gluten and cruelty-free line but the products are as luxe as can be. The company uses 100% natural ingredients, too. But really, what does that mean for you? I am glad you asked. The products won’t compromise the health of your skin.

Sante’s lip glosses come packaged in little cubes and are of a lipstick texture. I found myself dipping my finger into No. 2, a shimmery (but not frosty), mauve-dosed pink, time and time again.

Sante’s Pencil Cover Stick behaves as it sounds: it’s a chubby concealer pencil that you can dot directly onto blemishes and then blend out with your fingers; the formula is creamy and ultimately heavenly, and my PMS-induced skin irritations were rendered invisible with one swipe.

The line’s Eye Shadow Pencils are utterly versatile. They can be used as a waterline eyeliner or you can smudge with your finger after applying to the upper lash line for an effortlessly messy, “day after” look. See, I told you don’t have to prefer an “earthy” or a “granola” look when using planet-friendly products. I used the shimmery, dark champagne #8 to smudge and to dot the inner corners, which instantly woke up my eyes. I also recommend Eye Shadow Trio in #6 for an easy, breezy, graphite smoky eye or Eye Shadow Trio in #3 for a simple, neutral, day look. Welcome to America, Sante!

Avon Healthy Makeup is a new line addressing skin’s trifecta of needs: hydration, texture and radiance. The company’s Global Creative Color Director Jillian Dempsey – Mrs. McDreamy to you- has said that the Healthy Makeup line aims to allow natural radiance to shine through. The Lip Conditioners increase moisture up to 115%, so during November’s cold, arid days, you can apply these balmy treats anytime for suppleness and a sheer wash of color. I found myself reaching for Clear and Nude Blush (a soft, rosy and romantic pink that is similar to what I’ve seen Mad Men’s flame-haired stunner Christina Hendricks rock) multiples time in a day because my lips were “addicted” to feeling soft and, well, healthy. My lips looked slightly bitten and like they were asking to be smooched.

The Liquid Foundation was light as an angel’s kiss and the Ivory shade matched my skintone flawlessly. You won’t feel like you are slathered in makeup with this formulation, so skin can breathe, even in the cooler months of Fall. I applied a light layer of the foundation and it was like I wasn’t wearing anything at all.

Healthy Makeup’s eye shadows come in tubes with doe-footed wands. Forego the wand and smudge over lids and use your finger to dab upward toward the crease. Rose Satin mixed with shimmery Platinum makes for fun and slightly subdued Sunday look without sacrificing an iota of glam.

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