Best Bets: May 2011


I am going to do something super hard for me this month! I am going to ditch my vast of array lip glosses. Well not ditch. I have too many and I can’t live without them, but I will be giving them up for the month of May in favor of Sara Happ’s Lip Slip, a glossy, colorless balm with a faint aroma of rose that will have the same effect as gloss. I hereby pledge to dip my finger in the pot balm daily and slick it across my lips. Then, I’ll wait and see how many compliments I get on my healthy, youthful, shiny, kissable mouth! This is One Luxe Balm.

Since the warm months mean streamlining your makeup bag and using (and carrying) less products, we recommend one black, one brown and one white chubby stick eyeliner and one of BECCA’s new Anti Bacterial Sharpeners, which come in different sizes to meet all your makeup pencil needs. They’re versatile, and you can sharpen your pencils to a rounded or more defined, precise point. Anti bac is all the rage and you shouldn’t skimp on sterilizing your products, namely ones you use around your eyes. Extend the life of your eye pencils all year by using these. Since using eyeliner can instantly wake up your summer makeup look, carry three shades of liner, this sharpener and not much else. Less is not only more; it’s necessary! Lighten your load and be immaculate while doing it.

mark. celebrates summer with the Ibiza Sol collection, which includes the marbelized eye shadow sticks. Spokeswoman Ashley Greene said, “I like to keep everything light and effortless during the summer. The Ibiza Sol marbleized eye shadow stick is perfect because it has two shadow shades in one convenient stick. Its formula is smudgeproof and lasts up to six hours, which makes it ideal for travel and the summer heat.” I used them like eyeliner and loved Aqua Deep because you can play with a blue and white shadow swirl, without making a deep commitment to a normally hard-to-wear hue. I also give a thumbs up to the sweet pink of Island Nights, since it is summer-ready. These sticks get extra love points their portability and convenience; I smudged them along the lower lash line and dotted my inner corners for a pop of shimmer.

Take a bite out of lip aging with Bite Beauty, our favorite new line of lip products derived from healthy, food-grade ingredients. The color-packed lipsticks boasts Red Wine Resveratrol so every time you apply a swipe of color, you drench lips with enough antioxidants to equal five glasses of red wine. Yay for no hangovers! RWR also reduces the appearance of pesky fine lines and wrinkles, because let’s face it, ladies. Lips wrinkle, too. Nothing shows your age more than lines around the lips. We love the Sheer Balms, which stain lips and have SPF 15, and can be used solo or as a base for a slick of clear gloss. The satiny Lip Rouge does doubly duty on cheeks and lips and the divine Superfruit Butter pots are scent-free and powerfully conditioning. I slathered it on my lips, cuticles and elbows and was rewarded with intense moisture and non-greasy feel. Each product in the line is good for the delicate skin of and around your lips, in addition to delivering “notice me” color and shine. More please! The color range encompasses pinks, nudes, reds and plums so some there is something for all of us.

Guerlain’s Rouge Automatique lipstick is a resurrection and re-interpretation of the line’s classic lip color created many moons ago. The company created the first wax lipstick in a gorgeous, gold-plated tube. The 21st century version is gilded joy for your pout that’s classic and forward-thinking at once. Move over gloss, since this ‘stick offers second-skin texture that’s not thick, oily or drying — it’s so comfy that lips will feel bare while looking amped! The formula doesn’t budge, either, offering shine and immovability via non-sticky yet refracting oil and resin that act in concert with the goal of glistening shine that doesn’t wear off on the quick. There are 25 shades, so yes, there is a perfect, “must own” shade for every single woman reading this column! Pinks, reds, nudes, oh my! It reminds of the ’30s, when bold, richly hued lips were a must. Classic is the new modern, ladies.

Shisheido’s Limited Edition Luminizing Satin Eye Color in Pink Sands is a warm weather go to: a tri-color, mix ‘n’ match, versatile palette created by Dick Page that will glide on your lids with its silky smooth texture. It’s a neutral set inspired by the glow of the evening light on a sand dune in summer that you can customize by building layers or enhancing eyes with a light, iridescent pink wash by buffing all three shades. Or go with a full on pink smoke out by building color with the three shades..

Shiseido’s Automatic Fine Eye Liner is a felt tip pen so you can draw on the exaggerated cat eye close to the lash line and flicked up at the corners. This click pen allows for control (and practice) and is a single product look you can rock daily in the warm months. Store the shadows. Use the pen!

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