Best Bets: A look back at Beauty 2006 Style (and our predictions for the big beauty trends of 2007)


We’d like to start off 2007 by looking back at some of the best bets of 2006. These are the products and trends in the beauty biz that made an impact or started a trend. The best thing about them – it’s not too late for you to jump on the beauty bandwagon.

Tom Ford for Estee Lauder. This year the man who put the Gooch back in Gucci, dazzled us with a beautiful new line of neutrals for Estee Lauder. The packaging, reminiscent of your mother’s Lauder, but the products…modern chic all the way.

Dark Nails. If you were not quite feeling that whole black polish thing that swept the underfed young celebs (uh – the only thing less glamorous than chipped red nails: chipped black nails), go with a deep shade of wine. Bad Britney Burgundy from Dashing Diva lets you have the fun without the drama.

“Oil-free concealer”…like HOW did we go for centuries without it? Lorac’s new Undercover Lover, available in three shades, is full of ingredients that are meant to soothe, like vitamins A and E, green tea, and chamomile, instead of oils that clog. Eyeliss is a special bonus that reduces under eye puffiness and gives a lovely treatment inside the concealor.

Perfect Foundation. You’ve seen it everywhere and with good reason – Yves Saint Laurent’s Perfect Touch is one of the ultimate Quick Fixes. Foundation and brush all in one, this formula has a hint of the best selling Touche Eclat highlighting concealor as well as protection against UVA damage. Throw it in your bag and go!

Patterened after Missoni. The Italian fashion house, best known for beautifully patterned knits proved this year that they can do makeup. Their Face Highlighter Compact is composed of warm shades of bronze, pink, champagne, and orange in their signature zig zag pattern.

Moisturize yourself tan. If you were in on the Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer craze from last year you will love their new Natural Glow Face Daily Moisturizer. If used every day for a week the oil-free, lightweight moisturizer will gradually deepen your skin to be a shade darker. It’s available in three shades and is a great way to prepare for sunny weather.

Beestung lips, without the sting. Finally a lip plumper that won’t burn your lips off! MAC has the new Plushglass formula and they’ve enriched it with Vitamin E for a plumper that actually soothes your pout. Vanilla flavoring and a refreshing cool tingle are what you get instead of a peppery burn.

And just so you don’t think we’re resting on our laurels: a look ahead at what we think will be the biggest trends in beauty for 2007: The Colour Purple, Lash Extensions that really last, Stepping away from shimmer- a healthy glow replaces glittery sparkles and The real return of the Fuller Brow.  Read each month, if for no other reason than to test how well our Crystal Beauty Ball is working!

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