Bottle Your Wedding Day Forever:
Fragrant Memories Last a Lifetime

Some of our favorite perfumers and recent brides, created scents to memorialize their wedding day; Sarah Horowitz-Thran’s Creative Scentualization Perfect Bliss Perfume, Renee Griffith’s Renée Tuberose “The Wedding Fragrance”, and Jennifer Binney’s moea perfume oil are beautiful fragrances that are now available to all brides on the special day that provides memories for a lifetime.


“Unlike a gown, a photo album, or pressed flowers, scent is experiential,” says Sarah Horowitz-Thran, Founder and Fragrance Designer of Creative Scentualization. “Choosing a fragrance is just as important as choosing the cake or the floral arrangement; perhaps even more so. Your wedding scent allows you to relive your special day for years to come with just a spritz.”


Here are some tips from Beauty News on how to choose the perfect wedding fragrance:

• Select a bridal fragrance that is different from your everyday fragrance.
• Keep it light and subtle as to not overwhelm your guests.
• Buy a fragrance that isn’t available everywhere or created by a celebrity. You don’t want to smell like everybody else.
• Wear this scent when you and your future husband are intimate, or conversely have a major fight. It will remind you of the love between you at the times that matter most.
• Most importantly, choose a fragrance that has personal significance to BOTH of you. For example, if you met your future DH running in Central Park, choose a fresh, green scent such as Adidas Moves Perfume. If you two share a love of fine wines, opt for the elegantly blended Ginestet Perfumes Sauvignonne.
• Ok, he picked you up at a bar, using the corniest come on line you ever heard. Choose Happy Hour Mojito Cologne Spray. After all…you married him anyway.

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