Capture Your Kitty


Sometimes it seems that you can never capture the perfect photo of your pet. Your kitty may be posed in a perfect spot with the sweetest face, but by the time you’ve run to get your camera or iPhone, she’s already jumped off her perch and is hiding underneath the bed. On that rare moment when you have managed to snap the perfect pic, you proudly enlarge that shot, put it into a nice picture frame and hang it on the wall. You even use it as your screensaver.

If you want, you can give that photo of your kitty or puppy another special treatment. Turn it into a painting! Paint Your Life ( turns your photo into an oil, watercolor, acrylic or pastel painting, Or perhaps a charcoal or pencil work of art.

In a simple process, you send the photo to Paint Your Life and choose the size you want, from 12 inches by 16 inches, up to 4 feet by 32 inches. When your painting is done, you will be asked to review the work and offer notes on modifications. The painting can be ordered framed or unframed.

If the mood takes you, you can also get paintings done of yourself, or anything you want. Maybe your favorite pair of Jimmy Choo shoes!

Paint Your Life
Ph: 860-865-0265

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