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Scan the local parks in Manhattan these days and you’ll see that the ranks of dads on caretaker duty swell with each passing year. And Metro Dads want to strut some style as much as Metro Moms. To that end, here’s some recommended gear for when dad is on park duty.


The Briggs & Riley Verb collection features a GO Messenger bag with side and vertical pockets and a front organizer to keep a metro dad’s Blackberry, stockpile of newspapers, baby’s changing pad, diaper, pacifiers, crackers and bottles separate. It’s perfect for slinging over the handle of a stroller or a broad shoulder, and a removable, fleece-lined computer sleeve leaves room for options. Lightweight, yet roomy, this is a bag that will stand the test of time. Dad will take it everywhere! Visit for a complete roster of bags and choose a favorite.


Fathers of older children and sleeping infants will undoubtedly want to crack open the laptop during down time at Chelsea Piers and in Central Park. Built NY’s black laptop case is the perfect portable carrier for busy, multi-tasking dads. Lightweight, impervious to scratches, super-padded and modern, the new Built NY laptop case is both highly functional and sleek. Metro dads will appreciate the offerings at, and so will city moms.


Not every dad is an iron chef or rocket scientist in the kitchen, which is why Sunbeam’s Rocket Grill is so amazingly useful. Even a completely frozen piece of chicken can be grilled in a wee city apartment in a matter of minutes, rendering Dad king of the urban grill. He can slather grilled chicken or beef in BBQ sauce and call it lunch, or dress it up a little more and pair it with wine for his partner’s return from the urban jungle. Or, he can cut it up into dozens of little pieces for tiny hands. The Rocket Grill cooks everything that a typical outdoor grill would handle, and its portability makes it perfect for city life. Order it at


Kids who can’t consume 5-to-9 daily servings of fruits and vegetables now have a shortcut: Amazing Grass’s Kidz Super Food, a nutritional powerhouse that combines 33 fruits and vegetables with organic chocolate to create a drink that dad can easily whip up in a blender. Vegan, 70% organic, and all-natural, this is also decaffeinated so the kids aren’t bouncing off of the walls. Read about it at

Finally, dad can be one of the first at the park to whip out a bottle of the new Purple beverage, rife with the juice of seven fruits and loaded with antioxidant ammo. Antioxidants are most effective when combined with each other, and Purple offers seven juices: black cherry, acai, pomegranate, black currant, purple plum, cranberry and blueberry. Mixed with yogurt, children really love it, and parents can even add it to a cocktail after bedtime. Visit for more information.

With food and drink packed up, dad can wheel the McClaren all about town with his laptop case and Verb bag in tow. Add clement fall weather, and life with baby is beautiful.

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