Dayna Devon, My New BFF – Best Filler Friend


Recently, I attended a luncheon and sat next to Dayna Devon, beautiful TV host, mother of two, wife of a plastic surgeon, and an upbeat outspoken lady who feels that the Hollywood set should be more open and honest about their cosmetic procedures. “All those women in LA who say that diet and exercise get their stomachs flat again after giving birth are lying! Most get tummy tucks! And they do a disservice to all the new moms who beat themselves up because they can’t get back to pre-pregnancy abs with only diet and exercise”. I couldn’t agree more; I liked her honesty and spunk, and felt an instant kinship with her.

After the talk about tummy tucks (hers was done by her husband and videotaped), and children (if you meet her, ask her what not to say during your kids school interview) the subject turned to Botox and fillers. As the official spokesperson for Allergan, makers of Juvederm, and approaching her 40th birthday, Dayna wanted to get rid of those nasolabial folds which go from nose to mouth and are often referred to as “parenthesis” lines.

After a terrific lunch (and yes, she ate dessert), we parted ways and I had to find out more about Juverderm. As you probably know Juvederm is a dermal filler made with hyaluronic acid. Up until now doctors would use a numbing cream on the patient’s face to alleviate the pain of injecting it. Now, there’s Juvederm XC, which contains lidocaine right in the formula, and so when a patient is injected they also get numbed. Smart!

I went to see Dr. Andrew Jacono, one of the first to receive the new formulation. Dr J, as he’s affectionately called, assessed my face and though I don’t have the “parenthesis” lines, he felt that I could use some help with loss of fullness around my chin. He explained how the new Juvederm XC works; that I would feel a pinch with the first shot, but then would be numb for the rest. He was right and it was no big deal in terms of discomfort. It took only a few minutes, and he placed an icepack on my face afterwards to prevent swelling and bruising. Being a very fair skinned person, I did experience bruising which stayed for about a week. It was mostly covered by makeup, and wasn’t terribly noticeable, however, if you’re considering doing this before an important event, I would suggest giving yourself one to two weeks to make sure all discoloration is gone. People with the nasolabial folds see very dramatic differences as they totally disappear. My results are quite subtle, but then I didn’t have a major wrinkle issue to deal with. However, I do look better, and I’m very happy with the results. JuverdermXC lasts about a year in most people, so Dr. J, I’ll see you again next spring!

For more information: and Juvederm’s FB page

Dr. Andrew Jacono, MD, FACS
990 5th Ave

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