Dolling up for Graduation Parties and Summer Dances


Little girls are fascinated with the glamorous world of beauty that grown ups enjoy. They watch you with googie eyes as you apply make up, creams and gels as if it was some cultish ritual of femininity. Then you catch them rummaging through your make up cases and painting themselves up into awkward and clownish figures. Little do they know that all that stuff on your bathroom shelves are just Mommy’s tricks to recreate the blush and bloom of youth, that treasure these little girls have in natural abundance without knowing it. But the mystique of femininity as it emanates from the skillful use of shades, blushes, powder and eyeliners has a hold on their young imagination and is here to stay. At a certain point, face paint won’t do anymore and an initiation into the real art of beauty is called for. The end of the school year marks the season of many events, talent shows, dances, graduation parties and the first chance for girls to express a sense of their growing femininity. Why not give your Tween on that day a first dolling up adventure all on her own?

Any fashionista on the make would love to possess an item from the Not Soap, Radio collection (and will seriously have to keep it away from her mom) such as Bronzed Goddess, an oversized mirrored compact with four pink, coral and beige lip gloss shades, fou- shell like, earth toned eye shadows and a fabulous bronzer created with four warm tones of pressed powder. The products have a rich texture that can be applied easily by a novice hand to create shimmering effects. For a whole pampering treat on her graduation day, let her indulge in the Walking the Red Carpet Body Polish with cranberry seed that will bring out her radiant skin, then rub in the Body Soufflé that will keep her skin smelling fresh and before stepping into that fabulous graduation dress spray a whiff of Just Glow, the dry oil perfume by Walking the Red Carpet that will keep her dry with silky skin on a humid day.

For your sophisticated young gal ready to take over the town on her first ball or school party, may we suggest a bit of Parisian chic to assist her? As we all know there is nothing that evokes the mystique of glamour like Paris. Bourjois is a line of make up with close ties to fashion and a palette of 90 colours specially designed for younger women. Its new Rendez-Vous A Paris collection is a limited edition of eye shadows that will mix perfectly with any girly look this summer. The collection of shades includes a Beige Rosé that adds a satin finish, Violet Absolu, an essential Fashion color that electrifies the eyes when applied at the base of the lashes and Argent an iridiscent hue that enhances eyes blissfully. For that first evening folly, Bourjois’s “effet smoky” eye pencil that defines the eye in one streak is the great basic tool to use with five smokin’ shades such as deep green and dark purple for a smooth and even blending. Add to this Bourjois’ mascara to create that difficult-to-achieve dewy effect that is so heart breaking on a fresh teen face – and a delightful assortment of light pink blushes to add a pretty and subtle tint of translucent color to cheeks. Check the entire line at

The Maifanshi Lip Gloss Collection by Koh Gen Do is ideal for a girl who loves a fabulous gloss that moistens lips with rich emollients whilst only giving a discreet perk of color to the face. Olive squalane, yogurt extract and shea butter soothe and heal young chapped lips. The Shell Pink will enhance her natural color, and the Juicy Beige will create a discreet luster. This is a fabulous, non-synthetic gloss that your tween daughter deserves on a special day. Available at, Alcone, Nigel Beauty Emporium, Friends.

To hide skin blemishes or acne on the day your Tween wants to look her best, Wet n Wild Natural Wear Pressed Powder, which is free of synthetic parabens, fragrances and harsh chemicals, will do the job to a T. Your daughter’s s face will have a natural perfect finished matte for those memorable pictures. If your daughter does not like powders but enjoys a touch of luminosity to enhance a dull or slightly uneven toned skin the Color Icon Bronzer with its gold shimmer will create a subtle glow. You can add to that a silky soft blusher such as Color Icon Blusher in pearlescent Pink, Heather Silk or Berry Shimmer that will bring a little English Rose to any complexion. The sheer formula is dermatologically-tested and blends easily. Wet and Wild has a collection that will deliver great glamour at a price fitting a young girl’s resources. Find it at drugstores nationwide.

If your daughter has flat hair or just wants to add a little whimsy on a special occasion, Bumpits, the leave-in volumizing hair inserts that add power to any limp, mousey locks is the solution. Simply part your hair at the crown, tease it a bit and insert the Bumpit. The variety of styles are endless and it’s so much fun. Check all hairdo possibilities at

If your daughter is much younger and only celebrating her kindergarten graduation but still wants to be treated royally, you can teach an easy beauty trick to this tiny glamour apprentice by spreading a little shimmering Herban Renewal’s Livi.Lu.Lu’s fab and fruity sparkling lotion on her young skin. Livi.Lu.Lu is earth-kind and appropriate for young skin. “The true essence of beauty is kindness to all people and animals,” points out Miss Cheryl, the founder of “Being pretty starts in your heart:” — along with this sound message, the beauty set delivers gel, skin lotion, nail polish, spa flippers, love stickers and a stuffed cat in a reusable grab bag for a perfect introduction to diva self maintenance. Any little five-year-old starlet will love it!

Add to that a little Body Dust by Twinkle Toes and your little debutante will ravish everyone’s heart with every step she takes, whether walking proudly on stage to grab her kindergarten diploma or giving her ultimate ballet performance.

But girls on their glamour apprenticeship expedition should be reminded that the most essential first step in any beauty regimen is to adequately protect their skin. Make sure you explain to your sun-crazy daughter how essential sun protection is for her health and beauty. That incredible tan looks amazing today on her ten year old skin, but in order to spare her from a leathery look at 30 and keep that roses and peach complexion blooming, she needs a strong yet nonabrasive sunscreen. Finding one that doesn’t feel like you’re wearing diaper cream on your face, or one that doesn’t use the harsh chemicals, is not easy. Lavanila Laboratories has a 100 % natural SPF 40 sunscreen that’s buttery, easy to smooth onto skin and devoid of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, silicone, petrochemicals and mineral oil. It includes noni juice, a Polynesian botanical plant containing anti-oxidant properties and organic calendula, which helps soothe and heal skin. The whole line for babies and children includes a shower body cleanser as foamy and gentle on young skin as breath, and a body lotion and body butter cream to smooth skin after the bath or shower. All Lavanila products use plant-based, extremely gentle ingredients appropriate for the delicate and sensitive skin of children. These products also leave a wonderful uplifting natural aroma on your skin and in the room. Make this quality brand your child’s first skin routine to protect their health and beauty;

Think Baby offers a water resistant healthy zinc oxide based sunscreen that will make sure your child is 100% protected in the water too. It is patented free of endocrine disruptors, is free of toxic ingredients that can cause adverse biologic effects, contains no paba, no paraben, benzoate, titanium dioxide, phthalates or bisphenol-A. Use it to cover the face and body of your little swimmer who loves the water as much as the sun.

After 9 years, girls want to own their own complete facial skin care kit like real women. Good For You Girls offers a gel cleanser, refreshing toner and an oil-free moisturizer in a cute little house shaped box. No synthetics, no parabens, no petrochemicals and no dyes or irritants – this line is pure, natural and honest, Good for You Girls insists that true beauty comes from within, from respecting others and taking the time to see the beauty in people around you. Balancing ethics and good care, Good For You Girls will teach tweens how to start on a skin routine without chemicals and make it part of a wholesome approach to living.

With all these worthwhile products, your daughter can be a Diva for her special School Celebration and also learn how to maintain the natural beauty of her skin. It is important to tell girls to stay away from chemicals and the sun and learn to be wholesome both inside and out. Finding what works for you at a young age may help build self-confidence and a positive image of the world around you.

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