Experimentations of the product variety:
BN’s all-natural health & fitness editor goes glam

Here’s a secret. I write for a beauty-based magazine, and yet I’ve never been an avid make-up afficionado. The wide range of color palettes involved in creating various looks has always overwhelmed me and thus my attitude towards product has remained decidedly low-key. I’m ashamed to admit that my signature everyday items consist of only moisturizer, a tiny smear of eyeliner, and barely-there bronzer. If I’m feeling particularly artistic, a coat of black or silver shadow and some lip gloss completes the look. Ok, have the judgmental BN-reading beauties stopped gaping at the atrocity that is my beauty regimen? It’s ok – I’ll wait.

(Beauty Authority, Jillian Veran)

It’ll please the beauty-buffs to know that I’ve finally decided to embrace more products, update my look, and get out of my comfortable color range and experiment! With this in mind, I asked major beauty industry player and Prescriptives’ Director of Artistry, Jillian Veran, for her product tips on how to glam up my all-natural barely there look. With her tips, I trekked over to Manhattan’s beauty and fashion icon, Bergdorf Goodman, for my makeover at the Prescriptives counter.

Jillian recommended starting with a product I was comfortable with and experimenting from there. For me, this was bronzer. I live by bronzer and it is a definite must have in my everyday wear.

Jillian recommended Prescriptives’ Traceless primer. It’s a very light product that moisturizes and has a skin-responsive tint, while also providing SPF8 sun protection. Matthew, my Prescriptive make-up artist, applied a light coat of Traceless on my naked and skeptical face. When he was done, he handed me a mirror and I was impressed! I loved this product because it evened out my skin, while giving me a small glow, without looking or feeling like a heavy-duty foundation.

Next up was concealer. Any make-up artist will tell you that concealer is a must because of its brightening power to any darkened area on the skin. Jillian recommend Site Unseen, a sheer concealer complete with sun protecting SPF15. Matthew applied this under my eyes, and over my brow bone, which was a unique spot for concealer, in my opinion. According to him, the way light hit my face, concealer above my brow bone would help to brighten up my eyes and, with the right type of make-up, give me an ethereal look.

The eyes were next and this is where things got interesting. Jillian noted that non make-up wearers should wear less green when attempting new eye shades, so we went with Prescriptives’ Silver Lining highlighter and Perscriptive’s Sapphire Creamy Eye Color lid. Layering the Sapphire over the Silver gave a creamy smoky eye look, which is a great way to get out of your comfort zone while still feeling “safe”. After the lips, Matthew applied Perfect Everyline Gel eyeliner and Motor-Eyes Lash Envy mascara.

Jillian noted that this season’s look focuses on color. “Color is everywhere on the face, but what makes it so wearable and modern is that only one of the areas of the face, this year particularly the eyes, has the most stand-out color. Everything else is given a more sheer look.” With this in mind, Matthew ended my makeover with Colorscope Sunset Tint Balm, a sheer tinted lipgloss that gave me just the right amount of shine and tint.

When I took a look at the final product, I saw a fresh even-toned face with sheer gloss and dewy smoky eyes with extra long lashes. I still looked like me, but my eyes popped and my skin had an extra-special shine to it. Jillian and Matthew made sure to keep me comfortable, while still experimenting on my look. According to Jillian, comfort is key when dealing with product virgins, and Prescriptives understands this. That’s why their lightweight quality products are the perfect addition for novices and beauty buffs alike. After my makeover, with my new Prescriptives products in tow, I confidently strolled down 5th avenue, with a new look and attitude towards makeup. Perhaps I’m still not a bona-fide ”buff” in the business of beauty, but I’m certainly no longer a newbie!

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