Fab Four: Refreshingly Organic Hair


You thought green hair wasn’t fashionable? You thought wrong.

Hair care products are jumping to join in the green movement that’s snowballing faster than Shaun White careens down his weekly mountain of choice.

“Sustainability” and “organic” are the buzzwords of the year, whether you’re in the business of technology, automobiles, design or beauty.

Perhaps you’re not quite ready to ditch the turkey sandwiches for “tofurkey,” or make the switch to a new hybrid car. But when it comes to hair care, there are just too many eco-friendly options to ignore.

After you get over the initial confusion of having just used a bar of shampoo rather than a bottle, you will love the effects of the LUSH Green Karma Komba bar. At LUSH cosmetics, it is not uncommon to find bars of products you might traditionally use in liquid form. Make no mistake though, the Karma Komba bar works wonders “kombing” through tangled hair. Simply lather the bar up in your hands, or rub directly on scalp and rinse as with any other shampoo. The orange fragrances and patchouli evoke the senses to the organic oils and fruits from which it is derived. Bring good karma to hair and it may just come back to you.
Check out http://www.lush.com.

In Paris, hair knows how to get an all-natural pamper session. The Phytojoba Intense Hydrating Mask, comes from the France-based company, Phyto; a Greek word meaning “derived from plants.” Not only are all of Phyto’s products made using plant derivatives; their containers are fully recyclable. The mask is made from jojoba and sweet orange oils. Dip your hands into the contents of the jar as if diving into the heart of your favorite citrus fruit, and collect a quarter-sized amount of the cream. Massage into hair, paying particular attention to the ends, and leave on for two to five minutes. The natural South African oils that ensure deep-down hydration are said to restore hair’s shine and suppleness. Sounds great, but don’t pack your bags yet or tout your beret yet — Phyto is available at stores like Sephora.

Every once in a while there’s a product with average packaging and contents that are anything but ordinary. PureOlogy TextureTwist intends to make hair look pretty, but the iridescent, sticky cream also looks pretty in your hands before you even work its texturizing magic into your mane. With this product, PureOlogy wants the user to redefine and reshape hair, while also protecting the hair against color-loss. Check out http://www.pureology.com. Meanwhile, it is 100 percent vegan and not tested on animals.

Another lock-lifting, natural product is the volumizing leave-in cream from Marc Anthony’s Aroma Organics line. The aloe and tea tree mean to work all day; promoting volume and softness. For more info: http://www.marcanthony.com.

You won’t have to go farther than the nearest natural food store to find Kiss My Face Upper Management Styling Gel. It puts the control back in your hands so that you can transfer it to your seemingly uncontrollable hair. The product can be rubbed into damp hair and then styled as usual, or as hair dries, the gel can be applied as liberally as the user would like for a scrunched look or simply to better-define a given style. It is made from purified, de-ionized water of calendula, chamomile and nettle. Kiss My Face encourages recycling of their containers by printing a request to do so directly on them. http://www.kissmyface.com.

For other organic styling options, try John Masters Organics Sweet Orange and Silk Protein Styling Gel. Its key ingredients include blood orange, sea algae extract and scleroteum gum – a mushroom-derived thickening agent. John Masters opts for the ground-growing fungus rather than a factory-produced plastic holding ingredient to give the thickening and styling control many do’s need. http://www.johnmasters.com.

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