Fashion Resolutions 101: Trends To Ditch In The New Year

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With a new year almost upon us, now is the time that people start thinking of ways to start fresh. From losing weight to quitting smoking, resolutions typically go into effect on the stroke of midnight on January 1st. Generally these resolutions tend to lean towards ways we can better ourselves health, lifestyle and relationship wise. But how about in 2011, we turn towards our closets. Fashion-wise, in the streets of New York City I see it all: the good, the bad and the downright ugly. So I am taking it upon myself to bring to everyone’s attention the items I would like to universally see purged from closets around the world this New Year. Ladies, in 2011, please, ditch these trends!

#1: Leggings as pants
No one was more excited by the return of the legging as I was. At 5’10” most dresses look like shirts on me, so I need a little something to ensure that I don’t flash everyone when I bend over. Not to mention they are a great option for keeping your legs warm in the winter. However, leggings are leggings. They are not, I repeat NOT, pants. What exactly does this mean? Well, if what you are wearing on top with your leggings does not cover your crotch area then immediately ditch the leggings for a pair of jeans. Visible camel toe is never appropriate in any situation.

#2: Extreme Harem Pants
Just as camel toe is never appropriate, neither is a drop crotch. I am not sure how this trend made a comeback from the MC Hammer days, but it truly is not flattering to anyone. They look almost as if someone with a dramatically large butt accidently put their pants on backwards. If you are looking for a casual relaxed fit, there are plenty of blousy cargo styles out there that don’t take it to the wrong extreme.

#3: The Bandage Mini Dress
Sorry wannabe starlets, but you need to pick a side. Do you want to show upper leg or do you want to show cleavage? There is no need to put all of the goods on display at once. Please leave something, anything, to the imagination. I know that no one can fit a pair of panties under these dresses. Full, Mad Men style, longer ladylike dresses were seen all over the autumn/winter runways. Embrace your inner lady and leave the bandage mini to the Lindsey Lohans and Paris Hiltons of the world.

#4: Heels That Double As Weapons
If I see one more woman stumbling down the sidewalk in a pair of heels that she clearly cannot walk in, I am going to scream. It just looks absurd. There is nothing sexy about almost falling on your face. The foot was not meant to walk at the angle created by a pair of five-inch stilettos. So take it down a notch. The flat is in and the kitten-heel is making a huge comeback for winter. Be kind to your knees.

#5: The Velour Tracksuit
Why women are still wearing these is beyond me. I thought the trend finally died out two years ago, but then here I am still seeing them all over the streets, in stores and in the office. The velour tracksuit is what is known in the clothing world as loungewear. This means that you wear it at home when you are relaxing with a book or in front of the television, doing laundry or cleaning the house. It is not appropriate attire to be seen wearing outside your apartment. Additionally, I know that airplanes can be uncomfortable, but please, class it up a notch and spare me the writing across your buttocks. Think back to a time where flying was a luxury and ladies dressed in a way that made that obvious. You can be comfortable and look ladylike at the same time.

#6: Sheepskin Boots
When I hear that Ugg was doing a collaborative collection with Jimmy Choo, my skin began to crawl. I don’t understand why sheepskin boots are acceptable footwear outside of playing in the snow. They look childish and bulky. And when worn with a dress? Yikes! How about we finally lay this trend down to rest. You want to be warm, comfortable and stylish this winter? Why not wear a nice pair of flat leather over-the-knee boots? Those will do the trick. And they actually look hot.

So I’ve said my piece. Perhaps many of you won’t agree with me. Perhaps you will have some more suggestions of your own to add. I am all ears. I will be spending New Year’s Day doing a clean out and assessment of my own wardrobe and I recommend that every fashionistas do the same. Do we really want to be flipping through a photo album in ten years squealing in horror at what we chose to wear in 2011? I already have the evidence of what I wore in 1987 lurking about. And THAT was shameful enough for one lifetime.

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