Fiercely Healthy Women: Kicking The Butt in ’08


Ok, so we all know that smoking is bad for us. It’s simple really – inhaling hot, throat-scalding smoke isn’t natural.Smoking is an addiction. Maybe you started as a teenager or during the first stressful years of climbing the corporate ladder, whatever the reason – it’s time to kick that habit to the wayside, allow your lungs to heal, give your skin back that glow, and feel better than you ever did after your daily pack and a half of death sticks.

Read on to see how several fabulous fearless women kicked the killer habit and are now living healthy active long lives!

“I smoked three packs a day and it scared me. I was also scared to gain weight. I quit ‘cold turkey’– with the help of three aids; lots of chewing gum, a personal trainer and the pitiful wheezing of my allergic fiancé. So, to take my mind off the withdrawal symptoms and hopefully keep my metabolism up, I put my body to work. With the help of a personal trainer who introduced me to sore legs and aching abs, all I could think about was breathing (that alone was an accomplishment) and moving. Within 18 months, I stopped looking at the scale and size tags and focused on my newly developed muscle definition, cardio endurance and glowing skin.

13 years later, I still workout regularly. I love being fit, strong and smoke-free. Most importantly, I could never be a Fragrance Editor if I still smoked…I wouldn’t be able to smell anything but ashtrays!”Michelyn, BN Editorial Director

I think the fact that my children’s health would be affected if I continued to smoke squashed most of the cravings. I also replaced cigarettes with Atomic Fireballs for about a year. If the urge to smoke came over me, I’d pop one in and the hot atomic cinnamon flavor numbed my mouth and any interest I had in grabbing a smoke!”Donna R. from Long Island

“I sucked on cinnamon sticks almost all day for several weeks & drank lots of water. The combination was fulfilling enough to help me forget the craving. In fact, after 72 smoke-free hours, I realized I was craving the HABIT more so than the addiction.”Donna S. in Palm Beach Gardens

One of the greatest facts about quitting smoking is that your body begins to heal almost immediately. In fact, in just 20 minutes after quitting, your blood pressure and pulse rates drop to normal!


So while everyone else is complaining about getting older in the New Year, wow them all by ditching the smoking habit and gaining a younger heart, cleaner lungs, and knocking at least 7 years off that gorgeous face!

For help or motivation on how to quit – call New York City’s QuitLine at1-866-NY-QUITS. Also, we at BN care about our readers and love to hear your success stories or frustrations, so reach out to us with your thoughts anytime. Live Well!

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