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Hard Core:

NYC’s beloved Exhale Spa is definitely the go-to place for mind and body wellbeing as after all, their philosophy is centered on the belief that the mind and body are connected and that the best approach to wellbeing is through holistic means. The Exhale experience encompasses relaxation, wellness, and fitness through yoga, spa therapies, Core Energy Flow™, and a variety of Core Fusion™ classes to enhance inner and outer wellbeing. Many of you are probably already fans of the traditional Core Fusion classes that help to build a strong core, improve posture and focus your mind, however over the years there have been additions to the basic Core Fusion class, like Core Fusion Yoga and Sport, the newest being Core Fusion Cardio.

Core Fusion Cardio is a calorie burning, sweat inducing, bodysculpting, power-packed fitness experience, masterminded by the co-creators of Core Fusion, Elisabeth Halfpapp and Fred DeVito. I recently took one of Fred’s classes and his positive, cheerful demeanor is a welcome distraction from the intense workout. In my class, Fred blasted some 80’s hits and ensured all the students got into the class and were really pushing themselves. The class merges cardio with intense strength and flexibility moves, generating maximum calorie burn. The class uses small weights, but otherwise body resistance is the name of the game here, as you do numerous sets of lunges, push-ups, and knee-to-chest movements, resulting in defined abs, sculpted legs, and high, rounded glutes. I loved the class and really appreciate how it works such a variety of muscles to build that longed for lean and long shape.

Core Fusion Sport utilizes free weights, resistance bands and core balls. It is designed to help improve athletic performance and provide aerobic benefits while simultaneously reducing the risk of sports-related injuries. The class finishes with a series of balance and flexibility movements specifically designed to improve range of movement; something that’s very useful for runners or others training for athletic events.

Core Fusion Yoga utilizes a combination of yoga asanas that raise the body’s heat, intense core functional training to strengthen and tone the core and Qi Gong circular movements and stretching to move energy and produce a state of inner calm and balance.

For more information or to find a class near you, visit

Mat About You:

Yoga Mats on backorder? You heard right, but don’t worry, not any longer! YogaForce mats are now available, so I suggest you scoop one up and even get one for a friend while you’re at it. Why, you ask? Well, here’s the back-story. YogaForce was created by California-based yogi, Anne Appleby, who had several bad car accidents and to continue with yoga knew she needed an alignment system to keep her in position. The YogaForce A-Line Mat has simple alignment guides to get the most out of your yoga practice. The patented shape also gives you more room to maneuver in class. YogaForce aids in physical therapy, yoga, Pilates, and all floor exercises by helping to guide your body into the proper position.

The mat was recently endorsed by The College of Sports Medicine and Dr. Andrew Weil and is available at many premier gyms and hotels. The mat is also eco-friendly as it uses long lasting, recyclable, non-latex, patented materials. It comes with a hands free adjustable shoulder strap and only weighs 4 pounds, making it perfect for NYC yogis to take it around from place to place. It also comes with a removable wallet to hold your cell phone, wallet and more.

To learn more and to order a mat online, visit

LA Confidential:

Hollywood’s leading Pilates expert, Mari’s Windsor just launched a new Pilates workout system called Winsor Slimming Pilates. This groundbreaking Pilates workout combines traditional muscle sculpting with figure-slimming cardio for phenomenal results you are guaranteed to notice.

Slimming Pilates incorporates a cool little gadget called the Accelerator (that simulates Pilates machines in the comfort of your own home!) The Accelerator gives you the resistance, range of motion, and muscle sculpting of those pricier machines, plus the toning and shaping movements of Pilates mat exercises. The tool combines resistance cords, hand weights and weighted bars that you can configure seven different ways based on the workout. It’s also compact, portable and perfect for those that want to stay in shape on the go!

The system comes with a variety of workout DVD’s, including Superfast Body Blast that chisels your body slim in just 20 minutes a day. ABsession is a super-effective workout that brings cardio and Pilates together to get rid of belly flab and get bikini-ready abs once and for all. Quick Start Pilates for Weight Loss that combines two 20-minute workouts for maximum weight loss. Pilates of the Fit & Famous, Hollywood’s secret to a great body broken out into four 10-minute workouts. These are the same workout routines that Mari shares with her celebrity clients and so buying today will bring you one step closer to an A-list body by the summer!
Visit to learn more and purchase the system.

Blueberry Dreams:

My new favorite snack, available starting this month, is the Blueberry SoyJoy bar. Yeah, Soy seems to in everything today, but these bars are made with whole soybeans (the most natural and nutritious state of soy), fruit and other all-natural ingredients, making it an easy, healthy and antioxidant-loaded snack. This is a soy you can feel good about and it provides a perfect combo of complex carbs, protein, fiber and fat to supply energy with only 140 calories. Grab one before your workout today! Available in grocery, health and natural food stores nationwide.

Visit to learn more.

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