Gemstones, Your Skin’s Best Friend


Skincare and gems are not an arranged marriage: rather, they are a harmonious association that offers most beneficial effects. Gems like topaz, pearl, diamond and turquoise now have leaped from the shelves of Tiffany’s to find a place in your favorite skin cream jar. In this article, we review some of the best skincare goodies that use gemstones in their blend.

Gems have been compared to a “lightning rod,” that creates a protective field around the body. Over a period of time, they can promote changes to both mental and physical conditions.

In Indian mythology, gemstones were used to ward off evil and promote healing. Diamonds were particularly precious, and kings of provinces could wear diamonds of any color. The classical texts of Hinduism refer to the healing properties of gemstones; Vedic astrology has also studied the positive influence of gems on the mind and body.


According to jewelry curator and designer Kimberly McDonald, who makes the beautiful and healing ROCKRAS jewelry line, the “pearl is a symbol of pure heart and innocence. It balances emotions. Fresh Water Pearl enables one to accept love.”

Pearls have been known for their ability to calm and center the mind. One of my favorite products that contains pearl is Aspara’s Intense Body Butter, which not only lives up to its name but also emits a soothing fragrance and has a skin-brightening effect. Also try Aspara’s Lustrous Body Silk that contains virgin coconut oil, olive oil evening primrose oil, pearl and mica. Visit for more information.

Trace Minerals and Semi-Precious Stones

While Payot’s products are probably best experienced at the spa, there are several skincare products that are designed for home use. Melanie Edwards, SVP of Spa Development at Payot, says, “Stone therapy is very scientific and the study is called lesotherapy. The principle of Payot is linking the chemistry of the product to the physiology of the skin through the hands. When you link massage to the chemistry of the product, you enhance the power of the product.”

The recently launched products from Payot are more “skincare” than “spa,” says Edwards, “because you can take the products home and benefit from them over time.”

If you’ve studied gemstones, you can incorporate and harness the energy of stones in your life. You’re getting the remineralization benefits and also the energetic benefit when you use products that contain them.

Soak your body in Cristaux Mineraux bath salts and let your skin seep the trace minerals from the crystals. “Trace elements are like spark plugs for cellular metabolism,” says Edwards. “The skin is dependent on 20+ trace elements to carry out the daily metabolic functions to the highest level.” For a particularly blissful end to a hard day, this is your ticket.

For an extraordinary olfactory experience, shower with the Douche Minerale which contains semi-precious stones. The gel shimmers like mother of pearl and you’ll feel like Cleopatra after using it. My absolute favorite in the line is the Huile Precieuse Minerale which is a dry oil that nourishes the skin without leaving a greasy residue. Guaranteed that once you’ve tried this oil, you’ll want to stock up for life.

Visit for more information on the entire Vitalite Minerale line.

Rose Quartz, Topaz & Amethyst

Artemis Woman’s Healing Gems line includes a creamy Topaz Foot Butter, redolent Hand & Body Creams, Body Polishes and supercharged Crystal Facial Scrubs. The creams, scrubs and polishes come in gemstone crystal varieties including amethyst, tourmaline, rose quartz, topaz and clear quartz.

Rose Quartz is believed to help open the heart center and encourage compassion by reducing emotional blockage; topaz is associated with achievement and personal power; and amethyst is thought to be both purifying and pacifying. Check out the entire Healing Gems line at


This gem has been associated with helping people connect and feel at home with everyone. What better an ingredient to put in a face and body masque? We love the Abrione Turquoise Body Masque which can dispel dry skin in a mere fifteen minutes. Plus the rich and shimmering texture of the mask will make you keep dipping your hands into the jar for more.

Chock full of shea butter, green tea, canola oil and jojoba oil, this is a great bet for the princess in all of us. Visit for more information and to purchase.

Who said that only diamonds were a girl’s best friend? Unleash the queen in you and treat yourself to the art of keeping your skin in crystal clear shape.

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