Gifting Moms-to-Be

Pregnancy is a myriad of wonders, but it’s not at all comfortable. With that in mind, consider these gifts for pregnant moms-to-be this Mother’s Day since they provide a little extra ease, much-needed pampering or simply an easy way to save for baby.

Maternity clothes can add up, and then, what to do when they’re no longer needed? In this new era of frugality, consider giving a pregnant loved one, family member or friend a gift certificate to In Style Belly will match the price of any items sold for less elsewhere, and new moms will be able to score amazing, chic maternity clothes, baby furniture and much more at this practical source for savings.

Pregnant moms require comfortable shoes and sandals, yet want to remain stylish. Aetrex shoes combines both for expanded options. Choose from summer sandals, running shoes, dress and walking shoes that are forgiving in their sizes, width and depth – and let pregnant moms stride to parks or parties in sheer comfort. City moms walk everywhere; strolling is part of the urban lifestyle, and Aetrex caters to their needs. Visit or to check out the shoe selection.

Very pregnant moms (or those soon to be) will appreciate the comfort and fitness benefits of the MBT Shoe — or the anti-shoe — which offers expectant moms relief for their back muscles, legs, and joints by simulating the experience of walking on sand. MBT shoes engage new muscle groups for added fitness and remove the strain from aching backs – which is the best gift imaginable for a woman carrying around 25 extra pounds. Browse the shoe selection at .

Pregnant moms will also delight in the Belli Skincare line, which caters to their unique skin care needs and sets a higher standard for prenatal safety than many other brands. Whether you opt for a gift set or select items, this high quality line will be appreciated, and includes body lotion, talc-free baby powder, diaper rash cream, body wash, belly oil, acne face wash, sunscreen, foot cream, hand sanitizer and more. Visit

Make a pregnant mom’s special day even better with something that keeps on giving long after you’ve said goodnight – that’s what friends and family are for.

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