Back to School Charm

At the close of summer, the first signs of autumn are already visible as stores display their more serious and functional back to school items that suggest it’s time to get back to schoolwork. But this time can be an exciting venture of reinvention and self-discovery for girls when they find products that appeal to both the imaginary and the utilitarian. As they grow and develop their awareness of the world, girls often leave behind the pink, cutesie princess fantasies of their early years in favor of forging their mark and expressing their role in the culture around them.

Here are some products that will enable a girl to express who she is and what she believes in.

All girls who care about nature (and we know how real girls care for Mother Earth) will want a sleek, metallic water bottle from EcoBags. They enforce good habits about rejecting disposable plastics and are visually appealing. At, you’ll find an array of brightly colored bottles in all hues: from purples, reds, pinks, and vivid blue to black. A range of fantastic aluminum bottle styles are available on the site by Klean Kanteen and Sigg.

For the pre-teen nature fanatic, the Hangover Backpack’s beautiful fabric backpack is the ultimate classic accessory. Made with certified organic cotton, eco-certified leather, and recycled plastic, it offers interesting features such as an inner cushioned section to safely carry your lap top, and a convenient side zipper to pull it out. Big front pockets with asymmetrical flaps impart a breezy, contemporary look, and its fat straps are comfortable and cozy on delicate shoulders. This finely tailored backpack comes in brown, plaid and jungle print. It’s the perfect bag for the middle schoolgirl who has outgrown all of the garish backpacks in dubious fabrics and is ready for a long term, valuable investment. Find the Hangover backpack at

Wall Pops add whimsy and versatility to a girl’s bedroom, so why not go for a subtle makeover, and play with the possibilities offered by those wall art kits? Each Wall Pop easily adheres to the wall surface and can be peeled off by simply holding one corner. Your budding designer-in-residence will have fun experimenting with the vintage loopy stripes, kaleidoscopic circles, flowers and brocades — a great way to create mood and give personality to her room by avoiding the typical options. Check them out at

Cape Clogs are offbeat and cool, fun for fall, and ideal for both school and play. They’re comfortable for home and for walking around the city, and their sturdy, comfortable wooden base offers ample support. The Cityscape clogs feature a joyful mish-mesh design reminiscent of urban chaos and the energy of city life, and the leopard and giraffe patterned clogs will please your wildlife fans. With many styles to choose from, you’re sure to find a pattern that is the perfect fit. View them at

School your scholar with these items that will inspire her to be creative!

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