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Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels by Skyn Iceland

I don’t often use eye pads. It’s not that I don’t like them, I do, however, I either don’t have the time before going out to cover my eyes and relax for 10 minutes or I don’t want to mess up my eye make-up and redo it. What can I say? I’m a busy girl. These gel eye pads offer the bennies without the restrictions. Just peel and stick the comma shaped gel covered pads under your eyes and they instantly cool, soften and de-puff the skin. My eye area looked and felt refreshed afterwards. Available at C.O. Bigelow or at


NARS Ginger Grapefruit Shower Gel

The grapefruit and ginger smell of NARS new shower gel is so delicious, I’ve been using it everyday. Unlike other gels it moisturizes my skin. Besides fragrance and cleansing ingredients, this multi beneficial gel contains macadamia nut oil, aloe and ginseng. It’s also available in Acacia Flower scent. Available in fine department stores and at



If I could turn back time…if I could find a way….or so the song goes. But the truth is, ce n’est pas possible! So, the next best thing is to fight the signs of aging with a heavily researched, proven skin treatment consistently and early. Amatokin™, the first ever stem cell activating anti-wrinkle cream, is an underground celebrity favorite and heralded by fans as “the most profound skincare advancement in more than three decades.” We’re not one for hyperbole but our fair tester simply refuses to part with her bottle…a truer testimonial we can’t imagine. Available exclusively at Bloomingdales, 1000 Third Avenue or


Trilogy Pure Extraction Botanicals

Coming all the way from New Zealand (I wonder if they were on the same flight as ‘Flight of the Conchords”?) is this line of natural botanical products that heals damaged skin due to its most powerful ingredient, certified organic rosehip oil. What these pure products don’t contain (synthetic fillers or fragrance, mineral oil, animal derived ingredients) is as important as what they do – vitamins and antioxidants. My nose loved the delicate natural rose scent of the products and my skin loved the way it felt after using the rosehip oil on my face. Available at Lafco NY, 285 Lafayette St and at


H2O Sea Marine Body Scrub

At the end of every summer day, I feel like I’ve got all the subway dirt and street heat encasing my body. This mineral rich body scrub with crushed apricot seeds removes the grime as well as dry, flaking skin. They’ve added some anti-oxidants for good measure and its marine scent takes me away from the city…. for a few moments anyway.


UltraLuxe-9 by Sonya Dakar

Skin expert to the stars, Sonya Dakar, has launched a collection based on the desire to have botox-like, i.e. muscle relaxing, products that relax wrinkles topically rather than by injection. SYN-AKE, the basis of the collection is a synthetic compound based on the paralyzing venom of the Temple Vipor snake. Cleopatra would have been so jealous!

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