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It is common knowledge now that our earth, our air and water are polluted. Less people are aware of how our bodies have become contaminated by exposure to synthetic chemicals found in everyday products such as preservatives, plastics, detergents, cleaners, skin lotions, shampoos, and cosmetics. The World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control are releasing serious warnings to the public, yet the FDA is lagging in banning the dangerous ingredients found in common products. Last month, the Green Show in Manhattan was a delightful adventure for me as I discovered new products — products meant to replace yesterday’s harmful ones with tomorrow’s better ones. Relying on natural ingredients, these are healthy for you and to the environment, and are just as effective as the chemical-laden ones you think you can’t live without. My enthusiasm for these products that respect natural, human and animal life gave me the idea to start this column. Every month I’ll inform you of new ways to replace the old pollutants with better choices. Cool, smart, effective, safe, these products are no longer just a lifestyle choice for nature radicals and hip progressives, but a necessary conversion for all consumers

New House cleaning products

Traditional cleaning products are both wasteful (how many plastic containers of detergents, cleaners, dish soap do you throw away in a year?) and contain harmful chemicals that over time can damage your lungs, liver, pancreas, and nervous system. Beware of that sweet smell and industrial strength cleansing product you depend so much on for a squeaky clean result: it looks good but attacks more than dirt and bacteria to achieve results. Switch to these brands if you care for performance without endangering your health and the planet’s health:

Parsley sweetens the breath after eating garlic. Mix it with your salads to add flavor to your crisp greens. But did you know that mixed with a fruit based surfactant, parsley can make a powerful cleaning agent for all your countertops? This is what Earth Friendly Parsley Plus all surface cleaner achieves by using the energy found in parsley. To clean your windows, switch to a vinegar based bottle of non-filming, non-streaking window cleaner such as Earth Friendly’s Window Kleener that uses no 1, 4 Dioxane, no formaldehde, no petrochemicals, gmos, phosphates, chroline or ammonia. By using plants and vinegar, EarthFriendly reduces your carbon footprint and proves that to achieve the sparkling clean you love you do not need more than what you put into your salad. Available at health stores and

To help reduce plastic waste, Conserve patented a new technology consisting of mixing tablets with water to create cleaning liquid. Just use the empty bottle of your regular cleaner, fill it with warm water and drop the tablet, let it dissolve completely and in a few minutes you are holding a full new bottle of cleansing top performing liquid – just think of all the empty plastic bottles you aren’t adding to landfills. Tablets come in packets of four to make one gallon of highly effective, biodegradable Multi Surface Cleaner, Bathroom Cleaner and Glass Cleaner with DfE (Design for the Environment) and RoHS (the stringent European standard for the restriction of hazardous substances). To top it off, Conserve cleansers cost less than the national non-green brands! Get your tablets at health food stores or

The Ionator Hom
If you want to push one step further your rejection of plastics, unwholesome ingredients and waste, check the new Ionator Hom, a cleaning and sanitizing appliance that converts tap water into ionized water- a powerful dirt-removing bacteria-killing agent that allows you to clean organically without the use of chemicals or any other product. How does it work? The Ionator infuses tap water with a small electrical charge that passes through an ion exchange membrane to create an oxygen-rich mixture of positive and negative nano-bubbles which attract dirt like a magnet leaving any surface whether glass, marble or stainless steel, absolutely clean with no chemical residue. The Ionator kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria like the H1N1 virus, E.coli, Salmonella, Staph etc.), forever eliminating the expense of purchasing cleaning products. Isn’t this incredible?

The Ionator is one of the only cleaners without a health related warning label. Get yours at

Skoy cloth
Do you know that 2.5 million tons of paper towels are being tossed into landfills every year? Doesn’t it make you sick to think of all the poor trees that are being cut down just so that you can pick up the little juice spill on your counter? Skoy is a great alternative to paper towels; it’s a durable cloth with an absorption factor of 15 times its own weight, which far surpasses that of any cloth on the market. Made in Europe, it is 100% biodegradable, compostable and each cloth outlasts 15 rolls of paper towels. Think of the savings you will make and of the positive effect this could have on the overloading of landfills.

On the other hand, if you can t live without your roll of fresh paper towels to drain the fat off your Sunday bacon, you need to switch to a brand with a mission to save one million trees like Marcal. The Small Steps two ply paper premium recycled paper towels are whitened without chlorine bleaching and are hypoallergenic, strong, absorbent and don’t cost more than regular national brands. Available in most grocery stores.

Check our column every month at Green Mama for novel products for a safer environment and better health for you. As you know you can’t achieve real beauty without health, integrity and love.

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