Hair Motivation: Smile for these Summer Styles


Summer is most certainly the LAST season you want to fuss with your hair. The minute you walk outside its practically ruined. So why bother? Because the bright side of summer is that it’s a time when you can sport looks that in other seasons might attract strange looks of ridicule and bewilderment from passersby. A feathered or bejeweled headband in the dead of winter somehow doesn’t fit. Beachy waves in Autumn just seem out of place. So stop getting depressed about summer, and try one of these cute looks on for size. Let the sunshine put a little pep in your morning hair care routine.

Rapunzel-style It

Braids are appropriate in other seasons, sure, but something about their girlish, flirty look screams summer. Easy to create – if you don’t know how to braid your hair…well…we don’t know how to deal with that. Alright, we’ll be nice. Ask a friend – we are betting you best gal pal will have no problem helping you out. If not her, try her mom, or sister. Someone will know! Loose, side braids add a bit more flair and a boho-vibe great for summertime. Style beforehand with a product like Shu Uemura Art of Hair Yokan Craft ( to help make hair more manageable when styling and to tame it while in the loose braid.

Loose-Bun It

Buns are a fave summer go to, but it’s easy for them to look sloppy and not very “planned.” Make your loose, laid-back bun look intentional. Gather hair near the nape of your neck by grabbing pieces and scrunching them as you bring them back into the bun. Use invisible elastics or hair pins that match your hair color to secure the style. Finish it off with Oribe Dry Volume Hair Spray (

Go Streaking!

Not really. We aren’t encouraging running naked through the streets. Really, we aren’t. But streaking your strands? Definitely. Milani Cosmetics has a limited edition product you can have fun with: Color Streaks. In five colors, this product’s mascara wand lets you paint a little pop onto your hair simply by placing it wherever you feel like and waiting 30 seconds. It comes out in the wash so no need to feel committed. Available ONLY in July and ONLY at select CVS drugstores.

Bring the Bling

Sparkly hair accessories don’t have to be reserved for Christmas and New Year’s parties. Try a spangled headband worn hippie style for a cute summer look. That means around the top of your head, over your center-parted hair. There’s also the option to snazz things up with a brooch, a feather, a bedazzled barrette. Whichever you choose, it’s a no fuss way to glam up your do and look a little more polished. And who doesn’t like a little extra sparkle in their look?

Highlight Away

Summer is still the best time to get your blonde streaks blonder. Despite all the other trends happening in color (red, for one), blonde is timeless, and summer lets you go even a little further with it than you typically would. So to keep your highlights fresh throughout the summer, try products that preserve color and protect you from the sun. Try the Straight Day Styling Spray from Keratin Complex ( for salons), a formula that keeps moisture in and forces humidity out while blocking UVA/UVB rays. Need more blonde? In the summertime, you’ll get less flack for bold move, so try some extensions!

Default to the Pony

We understand – some days you just have to go for the pony. If it’s one of those days, just try to put a little extra effort into your process so it looks a tad more polished. Apply a styling mousse (try Goldwell’s Top Whip for salons) and curl loose waves into hair with a 1 ½ inch curling iron – nothing fancy, just a few here and there. Leave a small piece of hair down near the nape of your neck, secure the rest in a pony and wrap the hanging piece around the base so you have a clean, polished pony. This will look a lot better than throwing hair up into a hot mess of a pony like we know you’re tempted to do. Or if it’s REALLY one of those days, just make sure to smooth hair with a styling crème and then divide hair based on your part, pull it down toward the nape of your neck and create a smooth looking pony that drapes over your shoulder. Spray to set with ECRU New York Sunlight Finishing Spray MAX.

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Miche Purses

Nicole kidman looks awesome! Thanks for showing the products we need to achieve that look :)


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