Hair Travels: Around the World in Eight Products


It’s easy to turn on the Travel Channel and covet the life of Samantha Brown, world traveler, hotel reviewer and culture taster extraordinaire. It’s not quite as easy to replicate her life, especially if you’re someone who is home enough to see the episodes rerun. To help you escape the doldrums of a mundane schedule with little or no time for an escape, we’re bringing the world to you via eight globally-inspired hair products. Cleanse, condition, treat and style your hair with these and we guarantee you’ll feel just a teensy bit better about not traveling to quite as many exotic locales this year as you may have dreamed. Next year, when the economy is a tad more stable, take these with you on a real exotic adventure – just remember to stash them in your checked luggage.

Re-invigorate in the Caribbean
Launched last year, and inspired by Caribbean notes of zesty citrus, clean florals and warm spices, Hair Rules is a line of products developed for all textured hair, designed to be easy to use and effective. The line’s Wavy Mousse, available at or Ricky’s New York, bares the brand’s wavy logo that will remind you of your college spring break. Those were the days…

Channel Casablanca
With a cult-celebrity following to the country it’s named after, as well as to the product itself, salon-exclusive Moroccanoil™ products have become a must for any exotic-ingredient-loving hair professional. The products use Argan oil harvested under a free trade program to strengthen and recondition each individual strand. If you can’t get to Casablanca this year, slap some of this on your hair at night, grab the popcorn and watch Humphrey Bogart navigate the city.

Land on the Rising Sun
While the Japanese surely have a hold on sushi and eyelash curlers (Shu Uemura, of course), they also have a few hair tricks up their sleeve that – fortunately – they are sharing with the rest of the world. New Japanese hair care system, OOKISA, ( incorporates natural botanicals like white peony tea and lily as well as Japanese lime and camellia oil. The Nighttime Follicle Renewing Serum, our favorite product in the line, contains Folliactiv™ Scalp Complex, a blend of bioflavonoids, vitamins and patented Procapil™, proven to nourish the hair shaft and thicken hair.

Bushwhack the Amazon
In the real Amazon rainforest, you may not have the luxury of an everyday shampoo session. But no matter – bringing the Amazon to you is easier than bringing yourself to it. With Amazon Beauty Rahua, your shampoo and conditioner will transport you there instantly, by way of the unique Rahua nut ingredient that fortifies hair. Amazon Beauty, available at select Manhattan salons, is 100 percent natural and will help you channel the beauty of tribal Amazonian women.

If all that Amazon bush-whacking dried your hair out a bit, don’t leave, the Brazilian wonderland has another native hair product to remedy that. Dry hair sufferers, finish your regular regiment with an Amazonia Preciosa Brazil Nut Nutritive Hair Mask from Surya Brasil ( Named after the Preciosa tree found in the Amazon, the products have essential oils that emit an exotic and seductive fragrance to stimulate the senses as well as the follicles.

Poshly Peruse Paris
Parisian skincare is among some of the beauty industry’s most touted and effective. So it’s no wonder that a French skincare brand would know how to lock moisture and nourishment not only into pores, but into hairs. Votre Vu’s hair care line harvests naturally-based solutions inspired by French traditions into products that are as luxurious as a yacht ride down the Seine. The line’s Cheveux Heureux Mender de Ceveux treatment is loaded with sunscreens to protect hair from the elements, should you decide to take that boat ride – or just to go outside at all.

Grape Stomp Through Italy
Your hair’s trip to Italy does not mean your figure has to gain the perpetual pasta pounds. Desert Essence Organics brings Italia to your shower ala I Love Lucy with its Italian Red Grape Shampoo and Conditioner. Available at Whole Foods Markets and other natural markets across the nation, this 100 percent Vegan and Gluten free product uses organic grape extract, Resveratrol and red wine extract in a proprietary blend extracted from red grapes native to Italy. The blend gives way to a high percentage of antioxidants, thus protecting your hair and correcting damage…all while smelling like an authentic Tuscan vineyard.

Ride the Darjeeling – Un-limited
The hype from Slumdog may have waned, but India is still one of the world’s most fascinating places to visit and boasts some of the most beautifully healthy hair. One of the secrets to such luscious and exotic hair is Amla, a fruit also known as Indian Gooseberry, which carries a wealth of Vitamin C. You’ll find loads of it, along with grape seed, Neem and coconut oils in Global Goddess’ Coconut Amla Revitalizing Treatment, available at Dillard’s and Vitamin A and avocado oil nourish the scalp, encourage healthy hair growth and quench dryness to prepare you for a Taj Majal hair head-to-head with Freida Pinto.

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