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Parents make choices every day that affect their children’s health.  Everything from toothpaste, candles and soap to  spices and bug spray can create an impact.  Here are some products that will render your urban home a greener place for a healthier future.

Oster food processors can ensure that the food your family consumes is fresh and healthy. Whip up guacamole, salsa, gazpacho, smoothies and an array of sauces with the flip of a switch. Oster is a durable and professional-grade brand which will satisfy both chefs and parents alike. Find these magical machines in 4-cup and 10-cup sizes at and at and

Now that summer is officially upon us, stock up on classic Italian gelato brand Talenti Gelato’s small batch ice creams and sorbets, which are free of growth hormones and unnecessary chemicals. They’re crafted with the highest quality ingredients possible and are available in amazing flavors such as White Chocolate Raspberry, Tahitian Vanilla Bean, Dulce de Leche, Double Dutch Chocolate, Roman Raspberry, Blood Orange, Caramel Cookie Crunch, Black Cherry, Cappuccino and scores of other flavors. Savor the lineup at

Fresh Wave’s Green Home Kit provides a natural way to eliminate odors as opposed to chemical-laden sprays and candles. The kit includes a soy candle, spray, and neutralizing crystals that work for as long as three months. No perfumes. No chemicals. Just nature’s bounty: lime, pine needles, aniseed, clove, cedarwood and water. Fresh Wave also has other products such as vacuum beads, pearl packs for shoes and cars, carpet shake, and laundry additive. Check out

TSP Spices offers pre-measured and packaged organic spices in various size boxes, which are great for presents or simply for stacking in your urban kitchen. Organic spices taste better and more flavorful, and are free of pesticides, twigs and anti-agents. Choose from collections such as Cookie Jar, Bird in Hand, Game Day Chili, Peace of the Pie, Mull Over This, and Roast to Toast. Visit

Just three fruit-flavored Pedia-Lax Fiber Gummies will add a whopping 4.5 grams of fiber to your child’s diet, which is equivalent to half a cup of broccoli or 21 spears of asparagus. That’s a lot of asparagus, so why not try these inventive fiber gummies? It’s so much easier – and I can personally attest to their deliciousness. Find them at

The Radius Toothbrush is enjoyable for children and adults alike, as they have three times more bristles than traditional brushes and a chunky, anatomical handle. They will last up to 9 months, and their finger-friendly designs are perfect for children. The Source models are made from recycled dollar bills and other recyclable materials and are reversible for left or right handed brushing. Support this brush!  Find it at

Wembe, the soap with the “Amazonian soul” will bring a slice of the rainforest into your home with soothing or exfoliating blends that include vegan yerba mate, cupassu butter, washed sand, black clay, white rose, coconut, caramel, citrus blend, mango, passion fruit, eucalyptus, mint and luxurious avocado. There’s no need for chemical-laden soaps when you can treat your skin to nature’s softeners and refreshers. Choose your favorites at

It’s easy to keep your home healthy, and going green is affordable too, so look into one or more of these products made by people who care about the planet.

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