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Starting November, your home becomes the center point of gatherings, guests and festivities for the next two months. Whether you’re hosting a Thanksgiving dinner, inviting friends for a game of dradle, or planning a Christmas cocktail party your goal is to open doors to a welcoming home. And, no home worthy of guests should smell anything but pleasant. You might think that lighting a candle few minutes prior to arrival will mask odors. Not so. The best way to ensure that your house or apartment receives compliments is to balance the scents in all the rooms on an everyday basis.

Start off by selecting scents for the living room as it is the central point of your abode. If you’re not sure how to pick the right fragrance, look into the new Palettes by Tod Young candle and spray collection that correlate scents to color. The palettes of your rooms often have an emotional association, that’s why we spend so much time matching pillows, rugs and artwork. Some love a natural palette of West Elm, while others are all about the bright colors of CB2.

The Palettes collection interprets aromatic tones to enhance the décor of a room. Using six color tones (neutral, pastel, primary, jewel, earth and gray) Tod Young harmoniously combines the two senses to create a unique effect for any room. The candle for earth tone interiors, for example, evokes warmth with mahogany, sandalwood and chocolate. While the scent for the pastel palette awakens with cool greens, citrus and white jasmine. Gray tone interiors are enhanced with aquatic notes intertwined with mint and freesia. These soy candles are truly innovative.

For more information visit http://www.todyounginc.com

If you’re bored with vanilla but still enjoy a soft, sweet scent, give Thymes Indigenous Oolong Cassis diffuser or Moonflower home fragrance mist a try. The delicious scent of the oil in the Oolong Cassis diffuser comes from orange and bergamot that truly open up the room. You can control fragrance intensity by the number of bamboo reeds inserted into the oil. The good news is that a smaller space needs about half the reeds and as a result will prolong the life of the diffuser.

Those who like holiday scents but need a break from the cliché “pumpkin pie” candles, should explore Moonflower home fragrance mist. Thymes experts have combined cinnamon, clove and sugared quince with myrtle leaves, mahogany and cognac to create a seasonable blend that’s fit for Thanksgiving. All you have to do is spritz and your room is enveloped in a luxurious, welcoming fall bouquet.

Available at http://www.Thymes.com.

The Wasabi Pear candle by Nest Fragrances is the way to go if you’re looking for a modern, fresh scent. Although it seems like a strange combination, the candle exudes an enticing aroma that awakens and excites. The punch of wasabi, mixed with the tart pear, is tantalizing. Once lit, this Nest candle will keep you prisoner to the space its lit inside, (perhaps, a good idea for the bedroom, hmmm?).

Other scents from the Nest line include Bamboo, Periwinkle Hyacinth, Pink Jasmine, Orange Blossom, Beeswax & Whipped Cream, Wild Oats & Bourbon, Moroccan Amber, Mahogany, Grapefruit, Freesia Kiwifruit and Moss & Mint.

Available at http://www.Neimanmarcus.com

Create a calm atmosphere with Azure Seas Burn Voyage. Close your eyes and you can practically hear the crash of the waves lulling you to sleep. Even a whiff of this delicate scent will send you dreams and wipe away the worries of the day. The aquatic notes, combined with a touch of tropical flower, make this Burn Voyage scent so captivating.

Available at http://www.Studiobeautymix.com.

Nature lovers of New York City finally have something to embrace other than Central Park – the Juniper Ridge Sachet Gift Pack. Stick the little pouches into drawers or atop a bedside table to take in the wonderful fresh-from-the-mountains smell – clearly something of a shortage in the city. Juniper Ridge sachets are made with 100% Douglas Fir, Christmas Fir, Cedar and Juniper, filling your home with the liberating scent of the outdoors.

Pay it forward by gifting these little wonders to your friends and family come December. You’ll feel even better knowing that 10% of profits are donated to groups that defend Western wilderness.

Available at http://www.Juniperridge.com and http://www.Beautyhabit.com

The last place you want to stink is your kitchen. Worry not, Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Room Freshener in Lemon Verbena will prevent any foul play. Like a diligent housewife, Mrs. Meyer’s freshener works hard to keep your kitchen smelling fresh. Each spray contains a dose of natural essential oils and other eco-friendly ingredients. The Lemon Verbena scent will leave your space smelling like you just spent hours scrubbing the sink and counters. All you have to do is quickly wipe down the surfaces and Mrs. Meyer’s will do the rest.

Available at http://www.mrsmeyers.com and Whole Foods stores

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