How Old Are You? Your Hair Will Never Tell!



These days we are in a perpetual rush. Mad-dashing from meeting to engagement, hither and yon. That kind of thing can start to wear on a girl and even though you may be plumping up the lines and botulizing the crow’s feet, your hair can be a telltale sign of how old you really are. Stop frowning, you paid good money to be unable to furrow that brow! Anyhoo…always having your back (because we roll like that), I have discovered a veritable fountain of youth for your tired tresses.


In celebration of Salon A.K.S’ ten year anniversary, Phyto, the pioneer in botanical hair care, has collaborated with the uber-chic salon to create The A.K.S Phyto Anti-Aging Balancing Act Hair Treatment. This signature treatment will be exclusively available at Salon A.K.S. beginning this fall. Now you can book an appointment and after about 45 minutes, you’ll see an amazing difference in your hair.

The treatment works to restore balance and shine to your hair. It also protects from the good ole New York City air and all the stuff you don’t even want to think about that’s floating around out there. But the jewel in the crown that is to be your shiny mane is the scalp massage.


Awwwwe yeah, the whole procedure begins with Phytopolleine (uh-its like a great smelling scalp oil that has lavender in it) being massaged into your scalp – and it feels like Heaven! Your hair (from mid-shaft to ends) is then coated with Huile D’Alès, which is a botanical oil that conditions and restores shine. Once this has been applied you sit under a steamer for about 10 minutes. Sip some herbal tea and ride the zen-wave you’re in from all of the scalp-pampering.

From there you head to the sink to experience more scalp-massaging goodness with a shampoo using Phytoprogenium, which is a botanical formula that enhances the activity of beneficial micro bacteria found naturally on the scalp as it works to eliminate harmful micro bacteria. Did you like how I got all Bill Nye on you there? Heh.The shampoo cleanses and hydrates, thanks to natural goodness from ingredients such as oat milk, almond and marshmellow root.


As you leave the salon, glowing ageless mane flowing in the crisp autumn air – did I mention that the $85 treatment includes a blowout? You love me, don’t you? – you’ll revel in the knowledge that your hair and scalp are in tip-top shape and that no matter how you twist or updo, tease or torment, your gorgeous locks won’t be giving away your age.

The New A.K.S Phyto Anti-Aging Balancing Act Hair Treatment is available exclusively at Salon A.K.S for a limited time only from October 2007 thru March 2008. For more information or to book your appointment, call Salon A.K.S at (212) 888-0707.

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