I Pink, Therefore I Am

(Jaqueline Jamison also contributed to this article)

For those still confused upon seeing the Empire State Building lit in pink this Fall – No, Sex and the City does not have its own cosmo-colored holiday (yet), nor has King Kong given birth to a baby girl. The building’s rosy glow is part of the 9th annual Illumination Initiative, spearheaded by Evelyn Lauder, in the Estee Lauder Companies ongoing attempts to raise Breast Cancer Awareness.

Evelyn Lauder, the daughter-in-law of company founder Esteé Lauder and the wife of Leonard Lauder, and founder of The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, has helped turn a thriving cosmetics company into a philanthropic titan. In addition to bathing landmarks from Niagara Falls to the Leaning Tower of Pisa in pink light, Lauder is the co-founder (with former Self magazine editor Alexandra Penney) of the now ubiquitous Pink Ribbon.

If you’re wondering how to support this worthy cause (breast cancer affects 1 in 8 women) purchase your fall cosmetics through Lauder’s Pink Ribbon Collection.

The collection takes several of the company’s most popular items, (the ones you were going to buy anyway, to keep your face from feeling like a Namibian desert) and donates a portion of the profits to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, giving women an opportunity to give to themselves while giving to others.

It’s a lot like the “free gift with purchase” promotions you find at so many cosmetics counters, but with a gift more powerful (and longer lasting) than a trial size lip balm. The feeling of having done a good deed will only make you look that much more beautiful, keeping your cheeks pink with the joy of giving.

No stranger to charity (Brown is a partner of the non-profit Dress for Success, which helps underprivileged women dress for job interviews) Bobbi Brown has packaged a beautiful duo to raise money for Breast Cancer. Available at all Bobbi Brown counters, their top-selling shade of “Tulle” lip color has been paired with a shimmer lip gloss, and the company will donate $35,000 from the North American Sales of the collection to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

The lipstick is a charmingly neutral brownish pink, proving that your pucker can make an impact and a difference without looking like Joan Crawford, Mick Jagger, or anyone else whose lower lip could double as a commuter neck pillow. Helping others has always been incredibly classy.

One of AVEDA’s top-selling products, Aveda Hand Relief has been released in a limited edition “pink ribbon” package to raise money for Breast Cancer research. The lotion, whose antioxidants lessen signs of aging, has long been a favorite for soothing and hydrating dry hands.
Aveda, founded in 1978 with the goal of creating “high performance, botanically-based products”, stays true to its well-intentioned “eco” roots. Donating $4 from every sale of Aveda Hand Relief, it will put up to $300,000 toward environmental research to help find a cure. Which means you’re protecting your hands, our environment, and the future of breast cancer research in one fell swoop.
Aveda Hand Relief is available in Aveda stores, spas, salons, and online at www.Aveda.com

For anyone looking to step into the future of breast cancer research while turning their own clock back a few years, Darphin is offering a special edition of its Predermine Wrinkle Corrective Serum. The company will donate $20 from every bottle sold in the month of October to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

The serum, which improves skin’s texture and smoothness, is designed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles 50% over the course of 8 weeks. Just one way that helping a good cause will put a smile on your face, while at the same time keeping the smile lines around it down to a happy minimum.

Wrapped in a pink sleeve for this campaign is the classic fragrance Beautiful. The Estee Lauder Companies will donate $500,000 in connection with the October sales of its pink ribbon collection to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. This popular perfume is floral at its heart with a woody base and brightness of citrus. The floral notes are an elusive combination of many flowers, including violets and lilies, roses and lilacs, marigold and orange blossoms.

Make a big impact with a purchase of limited edition jumbo sized bottle of Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. A full $10 for every limited edition bottle sold during the month of October will be donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. This classic favorite is perfect for those of us with very dry skin. It’s a must have for blustery fall weather when wind dries out exposed skin. Plump is in! Keep those cheeks moisturized and looking great! The queen-sized bottle comes with a pump and a pink ribbon key-chain so you can show your support of this critical cause.

Let’s face it; the stress of the city can get you down! Relax, calm and focus your mind anytime with Peace of Mind On-The-Spot Relief from Origins. Carry this little sanity-saver with you and take five! As you exhale a long, relaxing breath, remember Origins is donating $35,000 to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation in connection with sales of this product. The three key natural ingredients Basil, Eucalyptus and Peppermint create calm feelings and help you shut out the worry. Simply apply to temples, back of the neck and earlobes, close your eyes and help yourself recover! Available at Fine Dept Stores, Origins stores and www.origins.com

Charity is an expression of love. What better symbol of love than the rose? Ancient Egyptians, Persians and Greeks made perfumes and cosmetics from roses. Ancient Romans grew the heavily perfumed Damask Rose to add to their baths. Indulge in this ancient method of relaxation with Jo Malone’s Red Roses Bath Oil. Fragrance sensation Jo Malone blended seven different types of roses with crushed violet leaves and a hint of lemon to create a clean yet voluptuous scent. Are you looking for a gift? Show the love by giving a bouquet of Red Roses Cologne. Jo Malone will donate $15,000 to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation in connection with the October sales of Red Roses Cologne and Bath Oil.
Available at Saks 5th Ave, Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Jo Malone Boutiques, www.saks.com

It isn’t all pink. Cartoonist Marisa Acocella Marchetto, diagnosed three weeks before her wedding, documented her battle with the disease in a cartoon entitled Cancer Vixen. The cartoon (which proves that cancer is no reason to stop wearing stilettos or red lipstick), was originally published in Glamour and has now been turned into a graphic novel. Chemotherapy is much more bearable in rainbow-colored pumps.

Now cancer free, Marisa is donating a percentage of the book’s proceeds to both The Breast Cancer Research Foundation and underprivileged women with cancer needs at The Comprehensive Cancer Center affiliated with St. Vincent’s Hospital in Manhattan.  Available at www.amazon.com

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