In the Bag: Travel Finds


The North Face Convertibles
Suitcase space is precious, so you’ll want to fill it with fashionable and versatile items. This season, The North Face has you covered. We know what you’re thinking – The North Face, the company with a tight grip on winter-wear? Yes, forget the puffy down jackets for now and get to know a softer and warmer-weather side of the company. Check out the Abby Convertible Dress ($65), made of a high-quality fabric that not only is recycled and stretchy, but is wrinkle-resistant and moisture wicking, too. When worn as a dress, straps cross over the upper back and tie in a cute bow. Morph it into a skirt by rolling down the top to make a thick waistband look. If hiking and other outdoor pursuits are on your agenda this spring, invest in a pair of Outbound Pants ($80), which can adapt to hotter days by rolling up into capris. This fabric is super lightweight and comfortable, and features mesh in areas to keep things cool. A bonus feature is the water resistance – water beads and rolls off the fabric. Also, both the dress and pant fabrics have been engineered to protect you from the sun. The pants have an Ultraviolet Protection Factor of 50, while the dress fabric features a UPF of 30. Both run true to size. The retail location nearest you can be found online at

Mini Kittour Overnight 2-in-1 Traveler
Whether you despise relying on a hotel’s toiletries or just want to do your part to save those petite products from entering the landfills, the trendy traveler will appreciate the Overnight 2-in-1 Traveler by Mini Kittour. Not only does the sleek, silky hanging bag come complete with a variety of TSA-approved reusable bottles so you can tote your favorite products easily (think two squeezable bottles for shampoo, conditioner or lotions, a spray bottle with a handy lock feature and a twist-and-lock pump bottle) but it also includes three full sized but dual-ended makeup brushes (so you get six brushes in half the space) and a four-compartment pill box that can be used for medication, vitamins, jewelry, etc. At the center of the bag are two detachable, see-through compartments to arrange and store cosmetics and other products. These compartments are secured with quality zippers and fastened to the bag with magnetic snaps, so they can easily be removed and tossed in a handbag to keep everything organized and contain leaks. Potential downsides: The plastic bottles are not recommended for sunscreen (which can require special packaging to maintain its effectiveness) and the outer carrier that protects the hanging bag is stiff plastic (and a tad cheap looking), though it would work great to store a pair of shoes or a wet bathing suit while on the go. Find Mini Kittour at retailers like Kitson or order online at The Overnight 2-in-1 Traveler runs about $100.

M-Edge E-Reader Jackets
Accessorize and make your e-reader feel like a leather-bound book with M-Edge’s stylish jackets. Available in a range of colors to suit any mood or match your luggage, take your Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader or iPad on your next business trip with the Prodigy jacket, a professional looking leather jacket made of your choice of authentic or synthetic leather. Each jacket features a front cover that can fold back for comfort and ease of reading, a micro fiber interior with pockets for business cards and other items and a storage pocket for a book light (specifically the e-Luminator 2, which is sold separately). For something a bit more head-turning, check out M-Edge’s Icon series, which feature jackets and sleeves (which look like mini clutches) in shiny patent and crocodile embossed styles for Kindle and Nook e-readers. Prices typically range from $29.99 to $59.99, but visit quick during it’s spring online sale and snag the more expensive versions for almost half off.

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