In The Diaper Bag: From Bags to Balms


Every so often we feature the little things that make mom’s life easier when tossed into a diaper bag – because we know they can make a world of difference at the right moment. And in two cases below, we recommend the bags as  well.  These items will make you glad that you were savvy enough to have them on hand.

Bazura Bags are perfect for the city mom on the go because they’re waterproof, offer an array of eye-catching designs, and fit nicely over a stroller handle. They pull double duty as a tote bag and diaper bag, they’re eco-friendly, and come in all shapes and sizes. When you visit the brand’s site,, be sure to also check out the aprons, beach slippers, and smaller cases for juice and kid snacks.

Acme Made bags, laptop sleeves, camera cases, briefcases, and iPhone and iPad covers are an ideal way to protect and tote your tech items while at the park or traveling with children. Soft, thick and stylish, they’re built to serve for the long haul, and will outlast your children’s favorite toys. Check out the stylish offerings at and protect your gear from peanut butter-laden fingers.

Soft Clothing caters to all children, but especially to those who are ultra-sensitive. These clothes are so soft that children won’t find them irritating, and parents will appreciate their soothing sensory aspect and array of original styles. Visit to choose from denim, leggings, skirts, tops, bottom, school and dress clothing, and more.

Need a quick change of clothes for baby to carry on your city adventures? Stock up on Simplie Chickie’s clothes. This brand offers 100% organic-wear for babies and children in adorable styles with whimsical flourishes. At their website,, you’ll find onesies, baby hats, and t-shirts in certified organic cotton. Be prepared for much swooning over your little one in the park when he or she dons a sweet little Simply Chickie shirt. Awww!

Moms (especially new ones) who don’t want to let it all hang out this summer will be grateful for the Kymaro Body Shaper, which comes in a variety of styles and shapes that range from cami with clear straps for tank tops, to full upper body and leg and butt shaper. Adjustable, comfortable and non-rolling, this line will reign you in without wearing you down. Find it at

Clean Well kills 99.99% of germs naturally with a thyme-based formula. Who wouldn’t prefer that to traditional wipes, especially since children require periodic wipe-downs?  Throw a hand-sanitizing spritz bottle or package of wipes in the diaper bag and your kids are all set to romp with impunity in public spaces. Clean Well uses no artificial colors, parabens or chemicals. Find them at Whole Foods stores and at

Dagoba Mint USDA certified organic lip balm from EcoLips will protect your lips as you stroll in the sun. It’s not simply flavored with chocolate – it actually contains chocolate (and a touch of peppermint). Wow! Other delectable flavors include lavender, roseberry, hemp and Honest Kids lemonade. Order them by the pocketful at

Moms who deal with feminine itching can now toss relief in the diaper bag in the form of effective Azo wipes or Azo cream. You can even find preventative or curing Azo Yeast tablets at Find relief in whichever form you prefer!

Kiwi has earned its sterling reputation as the source for shoe care since 1906, so extend the life of your children’s sneakers and shoes (and yours as well) and remain well-heeled with their protective polishes and cleansers. The Smiling Feet gel inserts for pumps and sandals perform up to their product name and leave your feet feeling soothed and smooth. Find laces, heel grips and all manner of shoe support at

Profoot is another foot-friendly brand that will render your life so much easier with their pump pouches that tuck into the tip of your shoes for soft toe support. Other ProFoot products include arch support, gels, inserts, spacers and balm for cracked heels. Peruse the offerings at

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