theBalm’s Felicia Roman and Jennifer Sullivan

theBalm understands that the medium is the message. When translating that business philosophy in the makeup world, having lush, high quality product is as crucial as the packaging said products are housed in. You need to catch a customer’s eye and theBalm certainly kidnaps our attention with its retro, vintage chic, pin-up style packaging and its wink-wink, nudge-nudge names.

We spoke with makeup artists Felicia Roman and Jennifer Sullivan about theBalm’s place in makeup culture and how these products doll up any makeup counter! With theBalm, makeup is always fun and flirty.

BN: Sum up theBalm in one sentence – what woman does it appeal to?Felicia Roman

Felicia Roman: theBalm appeals to every woman who wants to feel and look beautiful from the inside out.

Jennifer Sullivan: theBalm’s multi-use products are made of the highest quality ingredients, perfect for today’s savvy woman who wants to look amazing in five minutes while being health conscience.

BN: Favorite theBalm product?

Felicia Roman: My favorite product is our Shady Lady Palette. I love love love our shadows. I am of a fan of the smoky eye and keeping the rest simple. Our Shady Lady shadows are wet to dry, last all day and night and come in a super sexy leopard print case!

Jennifer Sullivan: My favorite product is the TimeBalm Concealer because it hides even the darkest of circles without ever looking heavy, and it has vitamins A,C and E to hydrate and protect the delicate eye area.

BN: Do you ever think that theBalm is often viewed as a “lip” only company, since the plumpers were so popular?

Felicia Roman: No. Even though we were one of the first lip plumpers on the market, we are known for a variety of items including our TimeBalm Concealer. theBalm is now a complete line that is mostly paraben-free, has great pigments and super sexy packaging that makes you feel like the most fabulous woman in the room!

Jennifer Sullivan: theBalm started out with a lip plumper and has expanded into a complete line that ensures you look beautiful and natural.

BN: Favorite non-theBalm product?

Felicia Roman: My favorite non-theBalm product is KORRES yogurt mask. It is paraben-free and is super lightweight. It just adds a little hydration at night where I need it.

Jennifer Sullivan: My favorite non-theBalm product is the eye cream from Caudalie. It’s very hydrating but feels light. It works wonders under any concealer and is paraben-free.

BN: The one theBalm product that EVERY woman needs in her makeup bag?

Felicia Roman: Every woman needs Hot Mama in her makeup bag. It’s gorgeous on your eyes and cheeks. I even tap a little on my lips and put Squeeze My Lemons over it for a sexy pop! It’s beautiful on every woman’s skin!

Jennifer Sullivan: Every woman should have theBalm Sexy Mama Translucent Powder in her makeup bag because it will help to control the shine yet still hydrate the skin so she will look polished throughout the day. Also the packaging is sexy so she will feel confident to pull it out anytime, anywhere.

BN: Talk about some of your favorite actresses and celeb looks you’ve done!

Felicia Roman: My favorite celebrity look was on Jessica Stroup at NYC Fashion Week. She’s a gorgeous palette to start with. We did a smoky eye with Don Juan, Risqué Renee, and No Money to Honey! She looked stunning. She was a lot of fun to work with and definitely stood out in the front row of the shows.

Jennifer Sullivan: My favorite look I have done is a smoky eye on actress Christine Moore. She has beautiful eyes and when I did her wedding in June, I wanted to do a smoky eye to play them up. I used theBalm mascara and she told me through dancing and tears her eye makeup looked flawless.

Felicia Roman: The hot trends for spring and summer are definitely focusing on the eyes, soft cheeks and that sexy, soft dewy-looking skin. I love using colors on the eyes, so I’m very excited about our new Pick Up Liners. You can have your pick between navy, plum and olive. They are also water resistant so they last through the warm summer days. For that sexy dewy skin try our BalmShelter Tinted Moisturizers. They will give you that look while protecting your skin with SPF 18. For a little glow on your cheeks try our beautiful new blushes. Downboy is perfect for lighter skin tones and for warmer skin tones, try Cabanaboy. They are talc & paraben-free and give you that soft fresh look that we all love.

Jennifer Sullivan: The hot trends for Spring and Summer are smoky eyes, dewy skin and rosy cheeks. Rosy cheeks are so hot this spring; not only does this look make you more angelic and innocent, it also gives you a young and fresh appearance. Smoky eyes are hot for both spring and summer, so freshen up the look and try using a purple or navy liner. Go heavy on the lash line and smoke it up. Navy eyeliner is a great way to brighten the white of your eye.

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