In the Hot Seat With Celeb Makeup Artist Mario Dedivanovic


Celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic has worked with a lot of starlets, but his work with Kim Kardashian has garnered him recent attention in the media. Regardless of your personal feelings about the famous-for-being famous reality starlet, it’s undeniable that she looks gorgeous whether she is rocking sparkly eyes and bold lips or her signature nude pucker. Dedivanovic willingly sat in this month’s Hot Seat about summer suggestions and trends, his predictions for fall and what he must have tucked in his kit.

Beauty News: What are the summer trends you can foresee and/or predict?
Mario Dedivanovic: Clean and healthy looking skin, with minimal foundation or products is always a popular look for summer.

I also think we are seeing a lot more brightly colored lips as we approach the summer months. Women are experimenting more with colors like orange and red, and the very brave gals are even choosing matte formulas over glosses.

BN: How about fall?
MD: I think liquid liners in various colors – blues, greens, coppers – are going to be a hit in the fall. Women are getting bored with their same makeup routines and are looking for something really different and perhaps fun. Bright lips will certainly carry on into the fall months as well.

BN: Now we have to pick your brain for tips. Share one with us!
MD: A great time saving trick for fall is to throw on a bright lip, even out the skin and apply mascara. Applying less eye shadow will definitely save you time in the morning.

BN: What’s one product in your kit that you cannot live without?
MD: Right now, I can’t live without EYE M GLAM, the all over highlighter from Giella cosmetics. It brightens and highlights the skin beautifully with a sheer golden glow. You can use it on the eyes, cheekbones and anywhere on the body.

BN: One makeup tip that EVERY woman needs to know?
MD: When and if you use concealer under the eyes, be sure to set it with a bit of translucent powder. The powder will prevent your makeup from creasing and your liner from running down your face.

BN: What’s the biggest difference working with celebs and translating that to every day women? How does that work?
MD: Makeup for the everyday woman is very different than the makeup I apply to a celebrity. The main difference being that for a celebrity, makeup is usually done while considering the lighting from red carpets, TV or photo shoots. The makeup is more detailed and there is just more makeup applied in general. A girl going to school or to work would most likely feel uncomfortable with such a glam or made up look. If I do a friend’s face or my sister’s, I typically apply with a lighter hand and I use less product.

BN: Do you prefer dramatic eye and muted lip or muted eyes and dramatic lips and why? And tips or twists on these two looks you can recommend?
MD: I prefer a dramatic eye paired with a muted color on the lips. I just love the eyes and it is really satisfying to be able to change the shape of the eye or make the eyes look more awake. There are also a lot more options with eye makeup, like blending, lining, creams, powders. When creating a dramatic eye, try using a matte or satin finish lip color to keep the look more modern.

BN: Any insider secrets you’d like to share for taking a look from day to night?
MD: False strip lashes are amazing. They are a really quick and easy way to take your look from day to night. To apply them, curl our own lashes, apply mascara and then follow with the strips. It’s instant drama for your face.

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