Indie Bands, Indie Scents:
Make Some Noise with Eight Bands and Fragrances (Some You Probably Never Heard Of)

Women who rock gotta smell great. So, we’ve paired bands featuring strong indie musicians with unusual scents we think you’ll love. What we found… there’s a scent that “captures” virtually every musical genre/style out there. Check out our handy guide, and hopefully, you’ll walk away having discovered both your new favorite band and your new favorite fragrance!


Dance Pop: De Novo Dahl
(Courtesy of Roadrunner Records)

You know that old saying, “Dance like no one is watching you?” That should be the mantra of Nashville’s De Novo Dahl. Their music is indie pop full of punchy keyboards, and it’s made expressly for dancing your ass off, shaking your thang, and definitely not caring what people think about your sense of rhythm and groove! Savoir by Ajne is perfect for women who know themselves and don’t care if the world sees them dance! This floral chypre combines rich woods with exquisite florals and a hint of fragrant spices. Available at and Bergdorf Goodman.


Happy Pop: Hello Goodbye
(Courtesy of Drive-Thru Records)

Hello Goodbye craft happy, colorful Japanese-style pop. If candy had a sound, this is what it would sound like. If you like feel-good, jumpy music, then your scent has to be just as bold and colorful, like Moschino’s flirty new citrus fresh Funny. This is both joyful music and a fragrance for the young, starry-eyed girl in all of us! Available at Sephora.


Hypnotic Rock: Amy Lee of Evanescence (Courtesy of

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Immortelle by L’atelier Boheme is a light floral imbibed with citrusy notes of Brazilian tangerine and pomegranate, as well as the honeyed floral after which it’s named. Immortelle is both spicy and sweet, and was named after Juno, the Queen Bee of Roman Mythology. If you’re a fan of Evanescence , who lace guitars with the beguiling, haunting, and enchanting vocals of dark-haired, light-eyed, rock ‘n roll goddess Amy Lee, then strut like Juno’s pet peacock, and you’ll have them flocking to you wearing this scent… You know how you can’t stop singing (or humming the melody to) Evanescence’s unforgettable ballad “My Immortal” after you hear it on the radio? This scent is similarly distinctive; wear it once, and the notes will be with you forever. Available at


Intellectual Rock: Dido
(Courtesy of

Golden-throated British singer Dido has a delicious set of high-impact pipes, and she makes her points by being soft and low-key, rather than in your face. There’s something prescient about the way she sings. Even bad boy rapper Eminem sampled her song, “Thank You,” in his song “Stan.” That’s why Psyche by Ajne, a heady oriental is a powerful oriental fragrance is suitable for singer-songwriters who tap into your deepest dreams, and whose lyrics and melodies bring us wisdom, intuition and the magic of the universe. Available at and Bergdorf Goodman .


Eclectic Rock: Nightwish
(Courtesy of Roadrunner Records)

Nightwish’s music might be an acquired taste; the soaring, almost-operatic vocals and European melodies take several listens in order to process them. This Finnish band – as famous as Beyonce in their home turf- manufactures modern music with a slightly medieval feel. Eclectic, risk-taking rock chicks would be wise to splash Strange Invisible Perfume’s Fair Verona on their person, and revel in the notes of Egyptian Jasmine and Sicilian Lemon. Available at


Classic Rock: Heart
(Courtesy of

Funky and femme, with earthy amber, Nag Champa, and incense notes, Antoine & Lili’s Holy Champa could have been concocted in the 70s, like many of Heart’s hard rockin’ hits, like the fiercely empowering Steamboat Annie album that propelled them into 70’s legends . Wrap your hair in a colorful headscarf, crank out “Magic Man” and spritz a little Holy Champa on your pulse points. We guarantee you’ll be playing air guitar and pretending you’re Ann or Nancy Wilson in no time. Available at


Afterhours Rock: Within Temptation
(Courtesy of Roadrunner Records)

Within Temptation vocalist Sharon den Adel has had no formal training, but that doesn’t hinder the range of her honeyed voice, which is as delicate as a baby’s head. She holds her own against her band’s turbocharged guitars. If you like harder edged music spiked with a woman’s touch, and like to spend your Saturday nights at a rock concert, then Strange Invisible Perfume’s Moon Garden is your new signature scent. The scent is a bouquet of tuberose, jasmine, and pikake. If you’re a lady of the night, you’ll gravitate towards this fragrance, which is based around exotic, night-blooming blossoms. Available at

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