It’s Easy Bein’ Green


NARS gets green: Fuji (in compact), Misfit (front left) and Belly Dance (front right)
Photo by Therese McKeon

Being a green-eyed monster is considered a bad thing, but not when it comes to makeup! In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we’ve decided to “go green,” and road test the sexiest green shadows. While greens generally work best on brown and hazel eyes, you blue eyed gals needn’t worry, as many of the shadows we’ve included will complement your peepers, too! Better yet, each of the greens that we’ve spotlighted can be blended and paired for customized looks.

Girls who are bold enough for bright color should try Urban Decay’s Deluxe Eye Shadow in Graffiti, an emerald hue that’s so money. (

Urban Decay Deluxe Eye Shadow in Graffiti

Need a metallic brow highlighter to complement any shade of green? Try Clinique’s Colour Surge Super Shimmer Eye Shadow in Sparkling Sage or Keylime Pie, which, with their sheer, silvery specs, highlight the brow beautifully. (

Clinique Colour Surge Super Shimmer Eye Shadow in Key Lime Pie

In search of an olive-toned look? It’s easily achievable with Fuji and Nomad shadows by
NARS. These brownish greens look beautiful when set against blue eyes, and can be brightened when paired with any of the shadows previously mentioned. We suggest popping a little Graffiti in your inner corners for a multi-dimensional look. (

NARS Nomad

Recommended for brown-eyed gals: Make Up For Ever Eye Shadow in Irish Green 93 is a powerhouse, shamrock shade that gives new meaning to the phrase “When Irish eyes are smiling.”
Interested in a frothy, soft ‘n spring-like look? Pairing Make Up For Ever’s Pearl Waterproof Eye Shadow Pencil in 4P Pretty Pale Green and loose iridescent Star Powder in Celadon 910. Use the creamy, sea-foam pencil as a base to set the loose powder, and you’ve got a perfect, shimmery look. (

Make Up For Ever Star Powder in Celadon 910

Want multi-tasking products? Both of these products have dual use. The pencil doubles as liner for the lower eyelids, while the powder can be used wet or dry for different finishes and textures. It can also be used as a blush or mixed with clear gloss. We’re not so sure we want to rock green blush or lips, but what the heck? Experiment and go wild with this product on St. Patrick’s Day!

Maybe, just maybe, Kermit the Frog made a huge mistake when he said it’s not easy bein’ green, ‘cuz we sure had a blast playing up our eyes with these fabulous hues!

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